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  1. Part 1 of the runthrough is up! I'll be uploading them as I go along. For anyone interested, you can Subscribe and get notifications when I put up each corresponding part. Thanks!
  2. Hi All! Been a bit as I've been slammed with a million different things, but as many of you recall my most absolute favoritest thing to collect are prototypes and my favorite game series ever is Shining Force, with the second installment being my favorite. Many years ago, DreamTR put one up for sale in the old NA sales forum and I was fortunate enough to grab it, but alas it was a final version even though it had some quirks, namely that the save file was corrupted and the physical version was glitched to hell and crashed when it started up, though the rom was complete and playable j
  3. Great seller, would highly recommend. Thanks man!!
  4. They are going to have a Signature Series at some point, where they use a service to verify and then give these different labels. I’d wait on that.
  5. There’s not much evidence suggesting it can pass via mail, especially mail that takes a few or more days handling. My personal experience and social media suggests lots of people are getting shipments back. Collectibles, including high end games, appear to be skyrocketing during these times as there’s plenty of money out there, people are bored, and the stock market stinks atm. They’d be wise to keep pumping stuff out, demand appears to be at an all-time high.
  6. It's possible a crack could appear without damage to the VGA case, if it wasn't packaged well, but no way that rip occurred because of shipping.
  7. Sure would be. It's this guy. I bought an 85+ Simpsons that had a massive crease all along the bottom and crossed over to a WATA 7.5. Last year, he had a Mario 2 round seal VGA with no h-seam on the back! Check this one out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bases-Loaded-II-Nintendo-NES-Brand-New-H-Seam-Sealed-VGA-Graded-Silver-85/372880910270?epid=5690&hash=item56d16f27be:g:KxQAAOSwYJ9eHzxN Would VGA really grade this an 85? Again, 100% feedback, and I'm not comfortable saying it's definitely happening, but I have my suspicions. Either that, or VGA really effed up a few times. A Mario 2
  8. Is it the dude from Maryland, by chance? I strongly suspect there's some guy in Maryland I've bought from who is swapping out games. He lists a ton of VGA stuff on Ebay.
  9. False alarm! Phew, thought GVN was done for sure, at least.
  10. Yup, phew. PC looks to be good. GVN, I’d guess less good news.
  11. I would guess the idea was always to buy both, but that’s a pure guess.
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