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  1. So I have a spare, but probably more interested in trading. Do you happen to have any bigger spares? Bonks, Panic, etc..
  2. Interested but can't tell the top left and what editions the others are. Mind typing them out or a closer pic?
  3. Sigh.....I just bought one for more without the Unit and controllers. Wish I would have saw this. Suppose your not willing to sell the unit, gamepad etc...? If not no worries, and GLWS.
  4. Darn, I just got a Goemon this weekend but it's not CIB. Good luck with your quest! I have about 70ish left.
  5. Have a spare Flintstones 2 I just snagged this week. Also going for a complete NES set, curious what you have for trade?
  6. Feel free to make offers, a lot of stuff to update so my prices may be off. Will be listing more systems and games next week. NES Games ____________________________________________________________ 8 Eyes - $12 Athena [5 Screw] - $12 Back to the Future - $9 Back to the Future - $9 Bad Dudes - $9 Batman the Video Game - $14 Batman the Video Game - $14 Blaster Master - $10 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle - $13 California Games - $8 Castlevania - $28 Castlevania II - $15 Castlevania II - $15 Castlevania III Dracula's Curse - $40 Contra - $32 Cybernoid - $7 Days of Thunder - $7 Dick Tracy - $8 Dick Tracy - $8 Double Dragon - $11 Double Dragon - $11 Dr. Mario - $8 Dr. Mario - $8 Dr. Mario - $8 Duck Tales - $18 (Garbage Label) Friday the 13th - $14 Ghosts 'N Goblins (5 Screw) - $16 Ghosts 'N Goblins - $15 Ghosts 'N Goblins - $15 Golgo - $5 Ice Hockey - $6 Ice Hockey - $6 Ice Hockey - $6 Jaws - $12 John Elway's QB - $2 Karate Kid - $12 Karate Kid - $12 Maniac Mansion - $25 Mickey Mousecapade - $7 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - $38 Play Action Football - $2 Qix - $50, has bubbling on cart Rad Racer - $7 RBI Baseball - $8 Section Z - $9 Slient Service - $4 Silent Service - $4 Silent Service - $4 Skate or Die - $7 Skate or Die 2 - $10 Spot - $11 Spy Hunter - $12 Spy Hunter - $12 Spy vs. Spy - $10 Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt - $6 Super Mario Bros - $14 Super Mario Bros 5 Screw - $18 Super Mario Bros 2 - $19 Goonies II - $8 Goonies II - $8 Track and Field - $8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $13 Legend of Zelda - $23 Zelda II Adventure of Link - $20 Zelda II Adventure of Link - $20 The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants - $9 The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants - $9 The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants - $9 Town and Country Surf Designs Wood and Water Rage - $6 Town and Country Surf DesignsThrilla's Surfari - $20 Tecmo Bowl - $10 Tecmo Bowl - $10 Tecmo Super Bowl - $18 Tetris - $8 Tetris with Manual - $10 Top Gun - $3 ____________________________________________________________ 3DS / DS Flame Red 3DS with Charger and Stylus - $125 Shipped 3DS Bundle: Flame Red 3DS with Charger, Stylus, Case and 4 games, please read. $140 Shipped Pokemon Platinum Case and Game - Game has no sticker, authentic but sticker is gone. Fifa 08 - Loose Madden 06 - Loose Petz Catz Playground - Loose End of bundle ^ CIB: (May or may not include all pamphlets) Pokemon White - $80, no pamphlets Fossil Fighters Champions - $85 Bakugan Battle Brawlers - $5 The Last Airbender - $5 Loose: Pokemon Pearl - $30 Pokemon Diamond - $35 Pokemon Y - $22 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2007 - $15 Plants vs Zombies - $6 ____________________________________________________________ Lots Hello, have a few lots for sale and will be adding to this weekly. Up first are a 32X lot as well as a 3D0 lot and a CDX. Preferring to sell them as lots. Sega 32X Lot - $275 Shipped https://imgur.com/a/1zTiH6i ------------------- Sega 32X Console CIB almost. It is missing the AV cable which is pretty generic, has all the other cables as well as paperwork. Box has some scuffs or damage, please see pics. VGPC is 345, I'd like to get $275 Shipped. Comes with: 32x Console and box Doom with Box, box is not in great condition Doom 2nd cart Metalhead Star Wars Arcade Shadow Squadron Virtua Racing Cosmic Carnage Moto Cross List of games in link below https://imgur.com/yuf57AK ------------------- Sega CDX Console - $500 Shipped https://imgur.com/a/5pECJ71 System works well, power cable is official but has some electrical tape on it. ------------------- Panasonic 3DO Lot - $650 Shipped System and games are in good shape. Mixture of longbox games as well as some loose games and there is even an adult game if you are into that kind of thing. VGPC total is $891.24, I'd like to get $650 Shipped. Comes with: 3DO FZ-1 Console Games: Theme Park (Long box) The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (Long Box) Shock Wave (Long Box) Disc only Games: Pga Tour 96 World Cup Golf Fifa International Soccer Waialae Slam Jam Pebble Beach Golf Links Tom Kite Shot Making Out of this World Battle Chess Syndicate Return Fire: Maps O' Death Disc and Back Case: PO'ed Cowboy Casino Super Street Fighter II Turbo Disc and Manual: Killing Time Myst Dragon's Lair Complete: Blonde Justice Total Eclipse Crash N' Burn Return Fire Guardian War The Daedalus Encounter Burning Soldier (Manual has some water damage) Console and some games https://imgur.com/a/Fvftv5e Rest of games and prices https://imgur.com/a/sddy2US
  7. Hello, I have Thrilla's Surfari and The Guardian Legend for sale
  8. Hello, interested in these. Have anything in particular you are looking for in trade? Batman: Return Of The JokerDragon Warrior IIDragon Warrior IIIJourney To SiliusMega Man 3Mega Man 6
  9. I have a really clean copy, good label. $28 shipped? https://imgur.com/a/9fkzmet
  10. Off the top of my head I have: Jetsons Ninja Gaiden III Qix - This copy kind of sucks though, has that bubbling that NES games do sometimes Following Variants you need: Excitebike Pro Wrestling Smash TV Mario 5 Screw
  11. Hi, on your google sheet of NES games, are you only needing the variants? Or is every game on that list something you need. I have several of the variants, but probably have quite a few if you need all the games on that list.
  12. As someone who was a teenager in the 90's and went with my dad to baseball card shows regularly, I sure wish we'd have ponied up the 5-10k for that Mickey Mantle rookie we saw at one card show. I also wish I'd have somehow had the 3k or whatever it was for the Michael Jordan rookie I saw at a card shop in 98? I "think" there will be certain rare games that will always go up, or at least hold their value. If that means it has to be stupid rare like Stadium Events, or something like Little Samson and Flintstones which is more the lines of the Michael Jordan rookie? Idk. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time and is still popular 20 years after he retired, and is still a brand that younger generations know about, my guess is there won't be anything in the public discourse that keeps interest in Little Samson and the Flintstones going? So, my guess is stuff that has shot up for no real reason the last year, basically any NES cart that was over $100, will fall back down to earth at some point while something like Stadium Events will gradually go up? Maybe sealed copies of the original Super Mario Bros will wind up being like the Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps of the video game industry.
  13. Hello, I need the manual to MUSHA. I suppose I'd be open to buying a complete copy as well but mainly just need the manual. Also eventhough this is the worst time to be buying games most likely, I'm looking for Hagane to fill the void in my soul. If you any of what I listed, let me know!
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