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  1. Got couple of more Mega Mans and a pretty damn crisp Chrono Trigger
  2. Was able to grab Metroid dread special on best buys webpage now. Checked two hours ago, nothing. Hour ago again nothing, then boom available. Then I get an email, order has been canceled
  3. Got these in the mail today. Shipped from US on 28th of august. Funny how it was just pending in Chicago for over a month Rockman games bought from Hakota on VGS. Mega man collection is looking better with those in, lovely box art. Then I had always wanted Aria of sorrow, picked that one up on ebay
  4. Finally found a Saturn locally, been searching for one for 2-3 years and finally was able to grab one
  5. It was my idea, it is a seller on ebay with 9000 feedback and just thought we could make a sweet deal. But I was wrong.
  6. I bought off a seller on ebay which has a huge selection of games, two games couple of weeks ago, he refunded me some shipping fees and all was good. Well packaged and all in order. Then out of nowhere I get some bundle of games that I did not order and had not ordered anything again, PC games and some stuff worth around $100. Clearly it was a mix up. I do what I would have wanted from someone in that situation and tell the seller about it via email. Seller asked me to ship it back and he would cover shipping. Which I did, sent him the tracking number. Asked about buying some games just through email not ebay and getting my shipping, got some photos after a long time. Week passes between the responses and I politely ask for updates once a week. Get some excuses about his cat escaping etc. I also get notified that the package had been delivered. Then when I hear nothing for a week after a month going back and forth I just tell him to keep the shipping fee and I don’t bother trying to do it anymore…and no response that I got after that, was hoping for a bit of a wake up call. I just don’t get it why people are so much douchbags it was only $25 but still kind of felt betrayed after my guesture regarding shipping back some items he had sold to someone else.
  7. My story… well it all started with being a kid playing NES/SNES/Mega drive at relatives/friends. Was never able to get it, my parents did not like video games. When i was grown up, around 10 years ago I stumbled upon a NESthat my friend had and he gave it to me. Since then I have been all over the consoles/games I did not own but wanted, or even got some game systems I did not know about when I was a kid
  8. People in Europe generally want to collect games from theyre area. Just like people in US rather want to collect NTSC copy then PAL if it is available.
  9. https://www.lego.com/en-gb/product/super-mario-64-question-mark-block-71395?p=71395 The Lego 64 Super Mario block has been announced. From my point of view do not honestly know how i feel about it, but pricey, cool and not cool at the same time. The block itself would be nice to have with nintendo stuff. I bought the lego NES and loved assembling it with my kids, love how that looks
  10. PC engine is cool, but I do not more expensive consoles to collect
  11. I have a new analogue nt mini noir still in shipping box. $625 shipped Will consider trades on Mega Man games
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