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  1. it just means alot more stuff is about to be sold local for cash. Also I have to imagine there is an epic F-ton of people unaware of this and there will be a shitstorm when people start to get hit with it. It might be mitigated a little bit if ebay and other commerce sites do a mass email campaign to inform people
  2. It was the last great era! Right before the internet made everything shitty.
  3. Same, but I guess alot of people were into his rapping
  4. That is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen. That being said...Im a Beast Wars guy. Give me Optimus Primal and Id consider buying it.
  5. I would’ve told her to piss off. But I’m not one to avoid confrontation like your partner there. I even enjoy it on occasion if I’m in the right mood and someone like that gets in my business. Fun way to cut a promo as they say in wrestling
  6. Prison? your governor’s must be amateurs. The ones that know how to corrupt know how to stay out of prison, while sucking us dry with ever rising property taxes
  7. Ive purposely have been avoiding looking at game prices for most things until Im actually back to actively collecting carts again. I keep hearing about the high prices but WTF with that Emerald. I figured “high” was like $80-$100 not near $200 for a loose pokémon game
  8. Did someone say most corrupt politicians with worst spending habits? NJ: “ Hold my beer”
  9. Oh absolutely, everything is taxed. Are roads are still garbage too. The fun part, in NJ our tolls were supposed to have been temporary, and have been removed after a certain date. That was like 30yrs ago, they’re still here.
  10. you dont have toll roads where you live? Theyre all over here in NJ and at least on 87 in NY, besides the bridge tolls
  11. Serious question. May have been brought up but there has been a bunch of replies since I last looked. How do people convince themselves that their religion is correct? By that I mean, there have been hundreds if not thousands of god(s)/religions since the beginning of man. What makes a person so sure theirs is even remotely close to accurate? Especially the “younger” faiths like christianity and muslim. There were thousands of years worth of various religion before that. Why would god suddenly decide 2000yrs ago that it was time to make the “true” faith known? What happens to all of the
  12. Certain banks will have a free to use coin counter that you can get paper money back
  13. I also stopped using cash for pretty everything. Except theirs one place I get hot dogs at that only accepts cash. Hot Dog Johnny’s in case anyone is interested, I think it’s one of those famous roadside stops thats been on tv a time or two. I usually have to drive past it and get cash at the Quik Check and turn around and go back for the hot dogs. But I do believe the digitization of money will bite us in the ass eventually. It only take one really capable hacker/nation to tank that. I also think the government is licking its lips for the day its all digital money. Real easy to get “the
  14. I assume the biggest places for retro gaming discussion anymore is facebook or some other social media site. I think most online selling outside of ebay has definitely shifted to Facebook marketplace. I always thought of reddit as a “forum about everything” The one thing I do notice though is that when people show up here and if they ask a question, it seems like they did some form of research and just didn’t really find or understand an answer. Where as with reddit there’s alot of people asking questions that can easily be answered in 2secs of googleing or sometimes by literally readin
  15. (Ducks behind cover) just trying to add some levity
  16. We need to usher in 10yrs of peace under Van Halen
  17. My mother tries to convince me to go to church with her with this. “They play rock music, you’ll like it” No mom, I don’t think its the same, I doubt their talking about hookers and blow in their rock music. Ive never really been religious, and I can probably say my mother badgering us with it as kids pushed me away from it. But I cant say Im atheistic either. I associate atheism with the people who want to take Christmas trees out of a school or other ridiculous non-issues that they create. I developed this mental hurdle to believing in what most consider a god anyway. Which is a be
  18. I don’t have a PO box but have always wondered this myself because Ive seen things for sale from actual businesses that wont ship to a PO box and I never understood what was so “special” about a PO box that they couldn’t send it there
  19. Rumor has it that it was Nintendo that required that from them, or something to that affect.
  20. I think thats the case, once the switch took off the scalpers started to leave LRG playstation releases alone. Nintendo fans are much more eager to feed into the limited availability thing vs PS fans. Im sure that’s part of it
  21. Indeed no perfect way, thanks for the help on this though!
  22. I see what your saying with Trine, but then again using similar NES rules wouldn't that just make Power Rangers and Grip variants as well? No different than something like a Yellow label Metroid or any game where the code was updated throughout its life and most only look to just a single representation of the game like Ocarina of Time Edit: I also guess it depends on the goals here. Mine is just to have a checklist for someone who wants a US set, and all the other info I just add for reference really. You might be looking more to documenting all the differnces?
  23. Thanks, I’ll go through my stuff sometime today. I know I had some of that stuff under specific tabs but guess I forgot to add the to the main list. Some things I do/will differ from you are I don’t count Dispatch Games like I do the other limited companies mainly because I just don’t trust them. Theyve had such a bad track record of communication that I would not be surprised if they disappeared without releasing the games. I keep them in red on my “upcoming” tab just to remind me to check if the games have seen the light of day at some point. I also don’t count VGNY’s PAL carts wi
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