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  1. Here’s the buyer of $10k GTA and GOW. A German reaction Youtuber. He brings up @jonebone’s Wata to VGA DESCRIPTION GUIDE at one point (ie the guide that says “near mint” is 9.4 or 80+, NOT a grade translation, crazy!) He also seems to know that the Pokemon Red variant matters a lot, yet still bids on God of War. Anyway it was all a rich guy doin’ it for them sweet views.
  2. I am real familiar with the history and collecting-info books in America (and even the print-to-order and PDF stuff) but know basically nothing about what's available in Japan. I want to be less dumb. One book that was recommended to be was GAME 19XX. The Perfect Catalogue series also seems real nice. What are some other good books that would be useful to some gaijin just trying to eat up all the video game knowledge (variants, LEs, rarities, hardware)? Platform doesn't really matter, I'm thinking of starting with the Game and Watch, X68000, and Famicom Perfect Catalogues. I know zero Jap
  3. The gaming industry understood the importance of this legal quandary so eliminated manuals entirely.
  4. It has to be a mix of historical context and how much timeless fun (or innovation) it provides. Saying Atari Air-Sea Battle is a 1/10 compared to Doom Eternal is pretty dumb. But it's also not very useful to say it's a 10/10 because in the context of 1977, most games were pretty garbage and Air-Sea Battle the most playable relative to all of those. I think plenty of games are accused of "aging poorly" when they were never very good to begin with and people are blinded by something new and shiny. Assassin's Creed got loads of praise because 3D parkour was relatively new and exciting, even
  5. The part that gets me is "I don't really know if this is rare". Like OK, maybe you're young and this is your nostalgia sweet spot. Maybe you spent you whole life with loose DS carts so it doesn't bother you. Maybe you don't care that it sells for half the price you paid complete because you want it in your hand right now. But it's at the top of DS bestseller charts and DS is Nintendo's bestselling system man! You don't KNOW whether it's RARE? But hey, these guys either just want to play games or are at the beginning of their collecting life. I was excited to have a physical Mario/Duck Hun
  6. My neighbor rented games and I used to borrow the manuals because without the internet I was starved for anything video games.
  7. I mean I'd pay $500 because I don't want one, but for $500 why not. You're asking what I would pay, not what it's worth!
  8. It must be a first print because there’s no copyright date in the second page. Sorry, I’ll see myself out.
  9. Was talking with someone about this and I am not sure if I lost my inserts or never had them to begin with (I'm 50/50, and mad at myself either way). I need the two ROB posters (small/large), warranty card, seal of quality insert, NES manual, and ROB Sunglasses. Some are generic I think like the SOQ insert and ROB sunglasses, but others will have 1985 copyright dates or possibly missing copyright dates in the manuals, I'm not sure. It sure won't say 1987 though. I'll buy pieces or a whole pre-deluxe set if it has everything. I'm trying to avoid having to buy two incomplete-yet-v
  10. It makes sense, it's not it's the most common GBA game ever. It's like... the third most common GBA game ever.
  11. Loose carts ahoy, my collection is trash The bulk of stuff is here, if something's missing it's separate for climate/disorganization reasons but I can find it if needed for proof. Odyssey 2 SNES N64 Wii U Sega Genesis Sega CD Sega Saturn Game Boy (incl. Pokemon Yellow ) Virtual Boy Xbox
  12. SNES Central is the best for SNES games (and Bootgod for NES) but this info is still very obscure and incomplete in general. Here are 6 Secret of Mana PCB variants, only 4 of which are on SNES Central. Matching the chip code and just seeing that the board looks like all the other PCBs for that console is all I do unless I’m checking something really expensive.
  13. Flip flopped between 7 and 8 and went 8. It's got its own personality and tons of exclusives, so it beats anything modern. It's got a good controller, so it beats anything super vintage. It's hard for to justify a lower score if 5 is average. My only issues with it are that I don't like how platforming feels with big cartoony 16-bit sprites and it doesn't win against the SNES, which is all my brain really wants to compare it to, not every video game console.
  14. I used to take it off because it’s ugly and inconsistent on my shelves, but with prices on near mint stuff on the rise I leave it now (and open my boxes like this too). People put a premium on games with OCD cello even if I don’t really, and I’m mostly a victim of peer pressure.
  15. This game is only like 4 hours long right. Maybe I should play it this weekend.
  16. Like Fenrir’s homogenous list I think this would be super easy for me. Basically 10 Mario games: Super Mario 64 Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World Super Mario Galaxy 2 New Super Mario Bros. U Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Galaxy Banjo-Kazooie Sonic 2 Donkey Kong 64 (This game freaking rules, ghost bananas and all) The positions are wishy washy since they’re all 10/10 games, but it’d be hard to shake up the list because more than half benefit from nostalgia.
  17. Sonic 2 wins based on the nostalgia for me, it's probably my main childhood game as a poor Sega kid with no Nintendos. It's hard to tell whether Sonic Mania is better just because of the nostalgia blinders. Sonic 3 & Knuckles would probably win if they were a single game and not milked into 2.
  18. Here is a textbook’s more info than you’ll ever need to know on the topic. http://www.kaptainmyke.com/comics/howtopresscomics.htm
  19. 360/PS have all the multiplats. I don’t even know what’s on Wii without looking it up. Xenoblade and the supremely disappointing Super Paper Mario? And a long list of B-listers that’s sure to follow this post. Disgaea 3 is like the only exclusive RPG that I can remember playing, or Demons’ Souls I guess too. PS3 for me I guess.
  20. The most "must play" games are the most obvious ones I think. Gimmick, Sweet Home, Splatterhouse, Crisis Force, etc. You could play Kick Challenger Air Foot, but then you'll only ever be able to talk about it with other Famicom weirdos. Unrelated note, play Kick Challenger Air Foot. It's weird AF.
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