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  1. I can’t remember a single thing about this movie, for whatever that says about it.
  2. I feel like I got all the novelty out of this neat thing by watching the video, so if I'm gonna spend $700 on a Transformer, I'd just get a boxed G1 Optimus Prime! But the market for this is probably people looking to add more fancy crap to their entire room full of G1 transformers.
  3. Atari collectors looking at people spending huge money on Nintendo tapes and not caring about their rare Atari mail order games anymore: Nintendo collectors looking at people spending huge money on Gamecube and PS3 games and not caring about their black box games and Little Samsons anymore:
  4. I had one and played it for like 5 minutes over 10 years ago. All I remember was being blown away that the phone handset joysticks don't center themselves.
  5. You also don't buy a CIB Gamecube game and throw out the case unless you're a maniac. CIB Gamecube games are the standard. Cubivore is """"""rare"""""" I put with all the quotes in the world, and look at how many nice CIB copies are on Ebay.
  6. DMX died. Def Jam games might get the death bump like NBA Action 98 did, although probably not as crazy.
  7. I've seen the movie Falling Down, so I would give that lady her table since I don't know how crazy she is. But for real I'm usually just trying to end unnecessary interactions ASAP. I'm probably not going to be able to argue with this lady since no one on Earth ever changes their view or admits they're wrong.
  8. This might've been about a more complex console like SNES, but he said an astronomically small number of people have both the skill and motivation to make FPGA video game console implementations, so if he's gonna give us RCA Studio II, that's some real game preservation cause who the hell owns or wants to own one of those compared to an NES or something!
  9. I thought SMW was going to be the next big thing after the black box hype. I panic bought a real nice one in early 2019. If that's going nuts now, only after corona, Pokemans, and $600k video games, it took way longer than I thought. Likely because SNES sux.
  10. Color a Dinosaur... it’s a coloring game with 2 colors. Red and blue. How on Earth is that possible. The premise of Color a Dinosaur sounds awful to begin with, but if you actually play it, it’s just unacceptable that it even exists. It somehow, inconceivably, makes Videomation look advanced, a horrible program they made 2 years earlier!
  11. The underbidder was our own VGCollectaholic, who basically typed in a random number, which is how I imagine prices are set for many items like this, lol. He was indeed mostly interested in the sampler. He has a CIB Food of France already.
  12. They're all RF garbage, so just get a heavy sixer with it's chonkier build quality and better switches. The most functional might technically be a 7800 I guess, but it's an ugly POS. The "best" might be a Collectorvision Phoenix or MiSTer if you're into modern nonsense.
  13. Brought to you by the country who more often than not just gets a Zelda logo on a blank background as Zelda box art.
  14. I would sell a chunk of my collection and pay $20,000 for OOT or SM64 if I had to. I think there are some games like that people will literally pay anything for if they have to. Look at Chrono Trigger prices. Thankfully, actually must-have games are common as hell and usually $1-200 tops. I can’t think of anything I don’t already own that I would pay car money for like a comic nerd who has to own AF15 or FF1. Mega expensive stuff is usually just popular and rare and almost always there is rarer or cheaper stuff I can get with research or specialized knowledge instead by just not buyi
  15. Yep, I can't get over price memory of stuff of stuff that has literally gone 50x. It makes everything else look like a better deal by comparison which has led to me buying the same stuff I used to think is too pricey for those same prices. Someone spent $90k on Pokemon Crystal, a game whose only significance even within Pokemon is that it sold many millions rather than tens of millions. It's the third bestselling GBC game, super rare, not the most and second most common GBC games like Gold and Silver! Maybe $500 for that Blockbuster New Leaf cart isn't such a horrible price after all.
  16. It's harder to flip because it's an even more niche market than sealed games. The sales pitch is "This unopened copy of Super Mario 3 is one of the nicest ones you can get and just look at how much Action Comics 1 and Wayne Gretzky rookies sell for!" not "This butchered and sharpie'd Kid Icarus cart was a sample cartridge or like a development cartridge used in the games development, but not like, the actual development because the game had already been out for over a year overseas, really just the localization, or maybe it was sent to some guy at Game Pro, really it's a piece of history if yo
  17. Check it out, we've got the premier database of retro gaming stores! https://www.videogamesage.com/databases/retro-video-game-stores/
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