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  1. Definitely cool finding these or the PHs with green cases.
  2. It’s rare enough to keep in your collection or to use for trade bait, but you won’t get rich selling it. Prices vary a lot so there’s no way to say that it’s worth X amount.
  3. Thanks! Just trying to share what I can and keep people informed.
  4. Original Xbox Orange Xbox Live Controller w/ Orange Beta Tester Kit Memory Card
  5. Original Xbox Pepsi/Hulk Edition Only 36 were made, and ALL were sent to the UK for the Hulk 2003 movie promotion. The cases are left overs from the Dew production, and so the extras had Hulk jewels slap on them and were past of the promotion before the Dews came out.
  6. Original Xbox Pure White 2nd Anniversary Limited Edition (NTSC-J) #0108/1000 "Dreamcast"
  7. Original Xbox Skeleton Edition having issues with the image, will have to try and fix this one later
  8. Original Xbox かすみちゃん ブルー Kasumi-Chan Blue Dead or Alive Ultimate (NTSC-J)
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