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The GOAT of all time stages and bosses.


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The last topic about stages vs. bosses had me really pondering what I think the absolute best are of each. I'm curious what everyone else's best of the best are.

For me, Toxic Tower from DKC2 takes the GOAT for stage design. High speed frantic platforming, great use of the animal friends. High challenge, but very rewarding as you practice climbing the tower faster and faster trying to outrace the poison. It's a real test of all the skills you will learn in all the stages leading up to it.

For Bosses, Ganondorf from Windwaker takes my GOAT award. It's a perfect blend of Zelda style weakness strategy and hack and slash. The second phase with the help of Tetra add a great bit of timing to the ordeal. The battle finishes with a very surprisingly violent end, making Toon Link an unheralded badass in my mind. 

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I would also have to put more thought into it before coming up with an official answer, but off the top of my head, all of the boss fights from Super Metroid are fun and memorable including the mini bosses.  Breath of the wild bosses are pretty fun too. 

The Metal Gear Solid series certainly has a huge list of memorable boss fights, but while many of them are certainly memorable, several of them aren't much fun for me.

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Editorials Team · Posted

Off the top of my head I don't know.  But let's see what.comes to mind...

Krogoth Encounter from Total Annihilation Core Contingency? That's both a stage and a boss.


Other stuff would be Ganon in Ocarina of Time, All Ghillied Up, Metal Gear Rex and Liquid, The End, anything from the God of War games, and on and on.

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10 hours ago, DarkTone said:

Psycho mantis for boss. Need to think about best level. 

I had this one in mind as well.

Another one that absolutely blew my mind at the time was the Leviathan fight in God of War. I had never experienced anything as epic as that. This is a great topic that really needs some more thought.

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Kind of in a way is a time and place thing isn't it?

Take for instance if you got the NES (lucky) in 1985 or 1986 and odds are your first non-arcade game was Super Mario Bros.  World 1-1 is downright iconic as an utterly amazing stage that teaches you the mechanics for the entire game with well placed and paced everything so well a manual is utterly useless it's so well calculated in execution. And one could argue that final battle, though even the magic fakes, with Koopa there is an amazing battle as brief as it may be.  Do you go under, over, or through him based on what you're equipped with.

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