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Quit my job today


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And there aren’t many people I can tell, so I’m telling you, sages.

I am leaving a position as a sales rep for a plastic bag company. Our clients are produce farmers and packers. Mostly potatoes and carrots. The Canadians among us have seen vegetables packed in our bags at some point I guarantee it.

I don't know if it’s the effects of Covid or what, but demand has exploded and our factory’s capacity has been going down. Weird times for a rep; can’t do visits, can’t get new business and we are actually talking about letting clients go. 

The phone calls and messages from clients asking when they’ll receive bags are incessant. I can never give a proper answer and I have 0 confidence in ETAs I gave people. Lots of political answers and lies. 

I have woken up with a cold ball of ice in my stomach everyday since September. So now I quit.

I got a job as a « merchandising specialist » for Labatt Breweries. Fancy title for « guy who stacks the cases of beer once they are delivered ». Nothing as exciting as managing accounts, but it will certainly be a breath of fresh air to not have all that stress in my life all the time.

Getting a new job was a new year’s resolution, so I guess I achieved this one rather quick!


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20 minutes ago, Kguillemette said:

Congrats! Sounds like a great, low key gig for you. The beer guys around here always seem to be having a blast and giggling putting shipments away at grocery stores around here!

Aw that’s awesome to hear. People having fun at work feels like a novel concept!

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10 hours ago, guillavoie said:

Beer > Plastic bag

Easy win for you!

Seriously that’s another thing, I am pretty « eco-minded » and selling pastic bags by the hundreds of thousands always felt a bit contradictory.

Of course, the process of making paper bags, say for potatoes, is also heavily polluting but that’s a side thought now.

Glass is technically 100% recyclable and re-usable so at least there’s that.

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