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Game Debate #70: Alan Wake

Reed Rothchild

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  1. 1. Rate based on your own personal thoughts on playing it, NOT HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE

    • 10/10 - One of your very favorite games of all time.
    • 9/10 - Killer fucking game. Everyone should play it.
    • 8/10 - Great game. Easy to recommend.
    • 7/10 - Very good, but not quite great.
    • 6/10 - Pretty good. You might enjoy occasionally playing it.
    • 5/10 - It's okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to play.
    • 4/10 - Meh. There's plenty of better alternatives to this.
    • 3/10 - Not very good.
    • 2/10 - Pretty crappy.
    • 1/10 - Horrible in every way.
    • 0/10 - The Desert Bus of painful experiences. You'd rather shove an icepick in your genitals than play this.
    • Never played it, but you're interested.
    • No interest in playing it.
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Editorials Team · Posted
16 hours ago, Shmup said:

Complete opposite of Gloves and found it to be captivating. I went with an 8/10. Loved the episodic breakdown and the story was always moving along. The combat could have been better though and sort of let it down. I played it on release so not sure if it has aged well.

Pretty much mirror my own thoughts

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16 hours ago, ifightdragons said:

The Twin Peaks-inspired setting is fantastic. A+ world building for its time.

The combat mechanics are a complete and utter bust, and ruins the experience.


I agree with this almost word for word, but the game manages a 7/10 for me. Loved the Twin Peaks vibe, but found the gameplay repetitive and the story occasionally tripping over itself.

Still, it was a big step in the right direction for games as a storytelling medium. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel.

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