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Hi - 

I grew up a Nintendo fanboy and it just got worse from there. As an adult I rediscovered my love for games, especially the stories and experiences from many a beloved Nintendo franchise. I've been actively collecting for a few years now, looking to one day have a complete Nintendo 64 set of the US releases, as it's my favorite console (not the BEST, just my favorite). I'm glad to have found this community. I was never active on NA but visited a few times when searches brought me there and was always happy to find a ton of interesting information. I love retail displays and kiosks, magazines and strategy guides.

I recently bought a new home, the first I've owned with a dedicated game room. I'm working on setting it up and making it comfortable, so I'd love to find some inspiration for that.

My public and professional life doesn't really permit me to be too open about this hobby in normal social circles, so I'm hoping to find an outlet for that here.

If you read this far, thanks. See ya out there.

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2 minutes ago, ICrappedMyPants said:

Is your game room going to be a spare room or will it be in the basement?

It's a spare room in the basement, so...both? The main finished area of the basement will be a den with my PC, seating, and the 4k TV and current gen consoles - a place for my family to watch TV, movies, play games, and for us to all be together. The adjacent spare room will be for most of the collection. I have a CRT, a medium 1080p LCD, and a PVM. It'll work out well, I think, just setting up how to display games, boxed consoles, Amiibo, and other junk!

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11 minutes ago, LutherCola said:

I don't know of it, but you already have me sold with the title. Please enlighten me.

These two women go through each episode, talk about the plot, share related stories, engage with listeners, and have some fun running gags:


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