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Seems a lot of us were on Nintendoage

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So, hi, some of you may remember me from Nintendoage though I haven't really been active there for about 5 years. Definitely see some familiar faces here though which is cool.

I used to collect a ton, had an absolute absurd amount of games systems. About 5 years ago I had some money issues and had to sell the majority of my more valuable stuff, though I hung onto some. After that though it was hard to get the urge to collect and in recent years I've spent more time focused on playing games rather than buying them.

Didn't actually know NA was gone until tonight as I probably last checked in 3 years ago. The main reason I found out is that I finally decided to sell a lot of what I have. And frankly, I have a lot still. I sold most of the valuable stuff 5-6 years ago but it seems in those 5-6 years a ton of stuff that wasn't valuable back then has suddenly become worth a lot of money. I probably still have 25 systems and a couple thousand games. A lot not worth much, but plenty that is. I was going to throw it on eBay, but saw they got rid of Paypal as an option to get paid and I don't trust them with my bank account. Then I thought of my old friends at NA where I sold plenty over the years (and probably bought twice as much, lol) and always had good experiences. I always prefer passing stuff onto those who will appreciate it and passing on savings to fellow collectors since we can cut out the eBay fees. That started my whole journey of figuring out NA was gone, figuring out where people went, and ending up here.

While my main reason for signing up is to try to sell some things, I'll probably do some posting too. I do miss the community and while I don't collect a lot anymore, I probably play more games than ever, both old and new. 

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