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Silverspoon Fridays #5: Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask (N64 Only)


Ocarina or Majoras  

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  1. 1. Ocarina or Majoras

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Situation: Youre stranded in a log cabin far from anyone with no lines of communication available.  You have electricity, a tv, and a video game console,  and the choice of one of two video games to pass the weekend before Monday hits and you can go back to civilization.  Which of the following two games do you choose to spend your next two days playing?
LOZ: Ocarina of Time
LOZ: Majoras Mask
PS: You have the expansion pack installed in the system.
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Editorials Team · Posted

This is a better question than just "which is the better game." In this situation, Majora is the answer. OOT is a great game but the depth of exploration possible in Majora, and the lack of ability to look up all the answers to everything would make for a much cooler weekend.

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49 minutes ago, phart010 said:

I beat OOT too much.

Only beat Majoras Mask once and didn’t 100% it.

So Majoras Mask

Yeah, I'd probably play Majora again just because I've "only" 100%'d it once. The only thing in OOT I probably can't immediately remember off the top of my head is 100 skulltulas and maybe like... big poe locations? I'd have more fun rediscovering all the time-based events and masks in MM right now. 

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Swap the N64 with a 2DS and you have a scenario I dealt with in 2017. Which I remember because my apartment was tiny and you could hear the freeway. But was also a very much less of a walk to/from Nakano Broadway, compared to the apartment I rented in 2018. But anyways...

Majora's Mask is the game I would have chosen.

Back then I liked Ocarina of Time, but felt that the pace leading to the good stuff was too slow. Which is ironic because I chose Dragon Quest VIII over Dragon Quest VII for the same reason, before realizing how much of the game was toned down for younger (non-Japanese) players.

So yeah... In a heartbeat I would choose that game, with me being disappointed that it is not the cursed "YOURTURN" version (with is my second favorite Creepypasta story). 🙂

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21 hours ago, asmikace said:

That is tough as both are great games. Could I play OoT but in Master Quest? Majoras Mask is great but some parts of it didn't age well.

How is Master Quest anyways? Are the dungeon layouts different like in the NES version? Or did they just adjust the difficulty. 

For some reason I’ve never tried Master Quests because my brain keeps telling me that it’s just the same game but a little harder. Even though I know that it’s different 

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