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Wii Set Master List - All the games!

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Welcome to the Nintendo Wii Master List

I’ve completed a Wii set and I wanted to share my master list.  The Wii has a ton of games and my hope is this will be guidance to future Wii collectors. 

First, how many Wii games are in a North American Set?  1268 unique games.

A list of those game is linked here:  Wii Master List


Some Notes:  

What does or doesn’t that count?
My list counts all unique games for the system.  Includes the three Spanish “Slang” NTSC released games. 

It does not count:
- Variants (cover art, special editions, Nintendo selects)
- Demos (NFR or other demos)
- 2-Packs.  By this I mean games that were packed together and have an outer-sleeve that holds the two Wii games together.  An example of this is Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy Bundle.  Same may count them for a set, but I don’t as they aren’t unique games, they are just standard releases with an outer cardboard sleeve. 
- Netflix disc.  This is a fun Wii item to have.  But it’s not a game. So it’s not counted towards a set. 

My complete Wii list comes from a few sources.  I’ve cross checked with a few other Wii collectors.  Kacydegamenerd from youtube, thevgdb from Instagram, xyz from that place formally known as Nintendoage and with my own collection.  I’ve looked out what each person was missing and came up with a master.  Also thanks to Johnny for helping me proof read it all.  Anyways, I feel like this list is the most accurate on the internet for what is a complete set. 

Is the Wii officially dead, with no more games coming out for it?
The Wii will never die as long as Ubisoft is around and they feel like Dancing.  The latest game to come out for Wii Was Just Dance 2020 (released in 2019).    

Is it a good time to collect for the Wii?
Heck yeah!  Any long time collector will tell you that the cheapest time to collect for a system is when its at it’s low point.  If I made up a graph it would show the Wii in a valley in terms of prices.  When games are new they are expensive.  After five or 10 years, the general public looks at those used games as old hat, no longer the new hot thing.  They are collecting dust in closets and ready to be traded into gamestop, thrift stores, pawn shops or sold at garage sales.  After a period of time, the kids that grew up with those systems start wanting to buy back their childhood, nostalgia kicks in high gear.  Suddenly there is a spike in prices.  Think N64.  When I completed my N64 set in 2012, games were cheap.  I average out at under $4.00 per game for a set.  Heck I didn’t pay over $45 for a single game.  That included Bomberman Second Attack, Sculptors Cut, ect.   Sure I had some good pick-ups here and there, but still, that was during the systems valley.  My point is, that’s Wii right now.  Gamestop has a shelves cheap Wii games right now.  Many under $5.  Wait until they do a buy 2 get 1 free on used games.  Over the next two or three years I’m sure gamestop will start to phase out the Wii selection.  Simple reason is shelf space.  Why keep Wii on the shelf if you can have new games in the same spot.  So general public doesn’t care about the Wii and the collecting community largely doesn’t care about the Wii.  That’s the time to pick up games.   

Why the Wii though?
Not just for the reason mentioned above.  The Wii is a fascinating system.  It sold over 100 million units.  It was an insane success for Nintendo.  No other Nintendo home system including the original Nintendo could touch it in sales.  Think about that.  Everyone had one (including your grandma).  For me, I felt it would be an interesting challenge.  The Wii was unexplored territory.  Not many people have gone for a complete set.  Yes, I can hear it now… so much shovel ware.  To that I say sure, there’s a ton of great games and a ton of shovelware, but that’s cool.  The crappy games tell an interesting story as well.  I don’t know how many times I came across a random Wii game and said to myself… "What the hell, they made this for the system?!" That was part of the fun.  

It's always possible that there are Wii games not on this list that need be discovered.  Thanks for taking a look everyone!


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