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  1. A year or two ago there were two boh around the 50 dollar mark. Uts definitely rare but I don't thi k the market cares about it yet like hey do the soul calibur 2 demo
  2. I'm 11 games away from loose usa game gear, so definitely gonna knock that out. Other than that, just gonna keep working on pal and Japan gamecube sets. No way I'll finish either this year so just hoping to make good progress!
  3. Gotcha force and fire emblem arent rare, uncommon for sure tho. The other 3 are all pretty rare and definitely had low print runs. A lot of the most expensive gamecube games definitely arent the rarest for the system though that's for sure.
  4. Looking for 250 shipped. Any questions just ask!
  5. So happy! Finally got my first graded game through a trade! My favorite GameCube game in pretty great condition. Can’t wait to get some of my own games graded
  6. I liked it a lot! It’s very different from most fire emblems, but I like the art style and music. Biggest downfall is the map design but it is a remake of an nes game so
  7. Surprisingly enough not an smt game haha, probably either fire emblem awakening or kirby planet reboot. Both near perfect games!
  8. Besides the obvious ones people talk about puzzler world 2013 is a bitch to find
  9. The deed is done! That is until the atooi collectors edition arrives lol
  10. Did it have other languages on the case or just English? Curious about that one now since you've found it locally
  11. It is! Bought it from a nice Canadian and he got it here for me safe and sound! I'm pretty sure this, disney violetta, and winx club were all canada only (but I'm not 100% sure )
  12. Excuse it not being only 3DS, but I think the top game makes up for the ps3, wii, and game gear mixed in. Barbie acquired!!!
  13. Financially? Pretty good. Especially smt iv and the seales persona q. Worty playing? All excellent titles!
  14. Online! Someone in a Facebook group was looking to get rid of it. Shipping from canada and should be here Friday or Saturday!
  15. Games with collectables that you cant backtrack to get. Kirby games are super guilty of this. They'll have multiple branching paths, and then you'll find out you went down the wrong path and cant go back to get the collectable. You either need to start over or play the level again to 100% :l
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