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LEGO Dimensions - Collecting

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Social Team · Posted

So a few weeks ago I found out about the Goonies had a LEGO "game" created for their LEGO Dimensions platform.  I've played LEGO games before so I was familiar with them and had to look at some game play to see if they did a good job of creating the game.  After just watching an intro of the game where they did the movie intro in LEGO form I was sold.  I bought the "level pack" of Goonies and looked into the other expansions they have.

So now I'm getting deep into collecting for the whole platform because LEGOs were to me what NES gaming was to a lot of you guys.  Sure I had an NES growing up but honestly I probably spent more time playing with LEGOs as a kid than gaming.  As an adult I don't get the same enjoyment as I did when I was a kid.  But I still have a soft spot for LEGOs which marries well with the LEGO Dimensions franchise.  I was just course to see if any one else collects for this now dead platform or has some experiences to share of it.  I think I missed the big discount pricing of LEGO Dimension but I'm still finding some decent buys.  Nothing too expense that I can't see eventually buying.  But like regular LEGOs once something gets discontinued the prices start to pick up.  It's cool how LEGO shows what specific LEGO blocks have been discontinued as either they were made specific for LEGO Dimension or other LEGO sets that may of used them are also discontinued.

Anyway I just remember see this on the selves in the stores and writing it off as a cash grab and not actually worthwhile.  The whole thing seems to be 80% based on 90's kids so I'm looking forward to some tailor fan service for cash.  As I play the games and stuff maybe I'll do a blog review.

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Social Team · Posted
12 hours ago, Jfreakofkorn said:

Huh , never knew that they had that game .

What system is it for or what console offered it ? 

LEGO Dimension (base game) as released on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS4.  The original release of LEGO "physical DLC" are playable on the PS3 but I heard the later releases were not playable on PS3 as you needed the latest version of LEGO Dimension game but they didn't make the update for PS3 🤷‍♂️.  So for The Goonies "physical DLC" would only be playable on PS4 and Wii U.  I'm not sure of Xbox 360.  I'm getting a PS3 disk and Wii U one so I'm going to see if it's true.  Also heard the Wii U one had some bugs but the updates/patches may of fixed that.  Our PS4 isn't in the "game room" so I don't plan on playing on it till we get a PS5 and I'll migrate the PS4 out of the living room into the "game room".  LEGOs in the living room will be a "no go" from the misses I'm sure.  I need to figure out a nice storage/displace solution for the LEGO's I'm collecting.

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