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Sealed Minty Cowboy Kid Obtained!


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On 3/30/2021 at 7:17 AM, OptOut said:

Take a good look at these two fine specimens of manhood, all you VGS beta cucks!

Them's what REAL men look like! I can smell the cheap scotch and stale cigarette smoke from here! 😄

Yet (as the name of the game (thanks ABBA) implies), the characters in the actual game look like little kids! 😄   I had this game once years and years ago but I stupidly sold it for well, slightly less than the going rate now 😞 

When I play it (on Everdrive) I always try to grind as much money/leveling up as I can and use up most of the ten minutes in the intro stage.  Once you get the gun though the game's pretty much a breeze.

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