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 just got 6 m82 for 6500 dollars 😛  i found this listing on Craigslist where a video game store was going out of business in sacramento.  he had games i was interested in  as a lot  so i contacted him about the game and also asked if he had any other rare items. he contacts me back and said i have a bunch of nintendo kiosk and some test equipment  if you are interested in it.  turns out he used to manage a toys r us and later opened a electronics repair shop back in the late 80s and early 90s.  he said these were stored in a warehouse for years then brought out when he opened his retro gaming store in the early 2000s  he would use these to demo nes games  and were never for sale.  i asked him what he wanted for the m82s and the snes control deck test cart.  he said 10k  but after some talking i got him to come down to 6500 for the lot.  there in perfect condition and  are functional.  ive tested them.

anyways best find of my life! 😛

heres a higher resolution link.



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  • The title was changed to EPIC M82 JACKPOT!







So you thought this was real?  Nah...  Its actually one m82 using some simple camera and photoshop trickery. the story i pulled out of my arse.  im sorry i couldn't resist! XD  I do have two m82's  one which Ive finally finish repairing and will be selling.  so posting this has some purpose.    Sorry if this pissed anyone off,  but i couldn't wait till April fools day. 😛  But this is what six m82 console would look like if i had that many in one picture lol. using this trick i could fill a room with non existing m82s or heck, anything.  So if you called bull crap, you were right!  😄

The next time i post i promise it will be a legit find. 


btw if any one was curious on how i did this.  i  used my camera in manual mode  for aperture and shutter speed on a tripod.  took a picture moved the unit to a new spot  took another picture  and after 6 times i took the pictures and seamlessly cut them  into one picture  and saved.  


if you have detailed eyes you can probably spot some mistakes zoomed in but over all the effect turned out really good 😛


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29 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

Any possible credibility you had for future posts is gone.

Exactly the response i was expecting from you to be honest. 

Its a joke, have some sense of humor.   Its not like i faked a cure to cancer or better yet, didn't tell it was fake.   I will be sure to prove myself next time that cannot be denied.

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i guess i could have gone a more unrealistic route with this topic lol.  what can i say, photoshop is fun lol.  if only real life could be this easy to dub something.  but then every thing would be worthless.  but then everyone would have plenty of food and stuff lol.

larger res



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9 minutes ago, Armageddon Potato said:

I knew something is up when you said Sacramento, haha!

Anyways I found this a while back. It was in a defuct McDonalds building. Two dungeons deep I had to fight off a vampire with some old Mickey D's meat to get it. The real find is the Mayor McCheese statue!


ha ha ha lol nice 😛

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