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Whats up everyone been a long time but I'm back now

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What's up everyone, 

Been gone for a while now 3-4 years or so and came back to get on NA to realize its went to hell. Luckily when trying to find out why Barbie 3ds was so high I was able to find this place with a lot of the old members. 

For those that may or may not remember me, my name is Clint I went as cgfeelit on NA as well. I got out of the collecting scene and quit visiting NA and sold most of my stuff of due to having no free time and causing a lack of interest. I have got back into it after being home for so long due to the Covid shutdowns. I really missed the excitement of hunting the deals and discussing the games with everyone and glad I could find this place with you all. If anyone has some pointers on using the site let me know. During my time away I picked up some new hobbies of doing woodworking and remodeling my home, and saltwater aquariums, so if anyone is into those and want to have some discussion just let me know.   

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