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I get my own topic? :O

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Hey guys!

I'm honestly just here for a Mafia (Werewolf) game but who knows if I stick around!

I've played many, many games on many sites now and have been active in Forum Mafia settings since 2013 when I first met the Spoonman. 

Iunno what else to say but if I'm absent it's probably for DnD or something. 


Yeah, so, uh...hi!

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Thank you all for the warm welcomes! 🙂


18 hours ago, Jeevan said:

wow, nice intro.  let's hope u don't read too much into @OptOut and myself like @FireHazard51 and @MashFan81 did......we pretty much made,them hate the day they joined.  Anyways, welcome to the site.  Enjoy your stay if you can!  😏

Ohey! So many faces I used to know! Very excited to see you all again =D
I'm sure I'll have some fun here 🙂


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