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[ENDED] Nintendo NES reproduction : Fighting Simulator #62


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This is it, the last copy I’ll be selling! It’s the end of a 66 months journey selling about 30 copies of it! The challenge started when I bought the unsold copies of Mark’s for sale thread from Jeff’s website. You can see where it started here :


I posted it for sale on Jeff’s site 4-1/2 years ago, then here almost a year ago. Finally,  tonight, I take the decision to put an end to that for sell thread and stop harass you with it once for all!! I’ve 2 copies left, that one you’ll get as an auction. And another one that will be give as a prize.. You can see the detail here



So the rules of this auction.

- auction starts at minus 10$ so yes, at this point, I owe you the game for free and 10$ to VGS. 

- bid whatever you want

- you paid actual shipping (from J0V1X0 - Canada)

- I ship Canada-USA-international and elsewhere (...)

- This is a donation auction to this website. Which means you’ll pay me the shipping cost, and pay the final price of the auction to videogamesage.com at ??? (Admin please shim and let me know what email paiment has to be send..)

- BONUS : you’ll get a hand-written, french-canadian signed numbered letter from me. I know, I know what you are saying right now. I guess you can comment how you feel about that one of a kind special bonus!?

- Auction ends 9pm eastern time - September 2th

- Pictures of the game you’ll get :




Happy bidding and thanks to that website and the community!

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7 hours ago, Jeevan said:

12.....i don't even really know what I'm bidding on

You are bidding on : Fighting Simulator good guy version #62 (75 were made).

Your actual bid is 12$ which means that, if you win, you will paypal videogamesage 12$, paypal, me the actual shipping, and I’ll ship you that game.. not a bad deal at all 😀


But lets do better then that for this site, I’m sure you can do way better then that guys! 😯

gogogo for the donation!!

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