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Worth picking up this Bubble Bath Babes with original box?

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4 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

Are you asking us to go to eBay for you and look up prices?

Nah, he already knows the answer, he just needs the moral conviction and figurative permission to spend a large sum on a non-essential purchase!

Have no fear! We, your VGS buddies will sing in unison a holy chorus for you:


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Get it if you:

1) Are going for some kind of set, whatever form that may be, and this game is in that set

2) Are going for all three Panesians

3) Are going for rare games in general

4) Want to play Mermaids of Atlantis, but want 8-bit nudity thrown on top

5) Need to launder two grand fast

6) Want a conversation piece which collectors will go "Cool!" and non-collectors will go "What the hell is that?"

7) Genuinely like the game and/or cartridge

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Thanks for the response guys! I'll see if I can pick it up when he has the whole collection ready for me. I actually was legitimately asking about the price as the market right now has been spiking on fear/speculation/FOMO etc, and I wasn't sure if that one that sold loose for ~$1,950 was normal or the market is just hyped up right now. I know the box will add value, just not sure how much? As an example I just priced out a PS1 collection that came in and the Parasite Eve II that was in it has sold on Ebay CIB for $75 to $150 all across the board. Heck I remember selling a loose Hot Slots I picked up locally in "the hood" and later sold for $950 shipped to the Netherlands, because back then I couldn't justify keeping something that I spent a lot to aquire and was expensive, but at this point in my life money isn't the same issue it once was. Hard work pays off yo!

I'll post an update if/when I pick up the collection! I got some more pictures and I can make out a boxed Kirby Superstar pack-in Model 2 Super Nintendo system CIB which I can't find anywhere, even just a picture of it? I can also see a Bubble Bobble Part 2 CIB(I think?) I should probably ask for better pictures, lol.

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