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My biggest Mail day in awhile!


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Moderator · Posted
2 minutes ago, Gloves said:

Very cool! It's a fun little set, and that's definitely one of the few that keeps the CIB collection tough for a lot of folks. Not much actually "rare" in the main set. Grats!

I think the only spendy stuff I still need is a Stunt Racer Box/Manual, Super Bowling Box and Bomberman 2nd Box. I grabbed most of the other rare stuff years ago. Other than that I need about 100 random boxes and 15 manuals of mixed difficulty, but not too expensive. 

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Moderator · Posted
46 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

...and then your new wife gets pregnant with triplets and you have to sell it all and turn the game room into one of three nurseries😅

What's the focus after N64?

Ha, this is bedroom 4 but we only have plans for 2 kids and will upgrade houses before then anyway. If I sell it will be to buy a cabin! No plans after N64 as I already completed the other sets I wanted with NES, SNES and GC. 

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Editorials Team · Posted
26 minutes ago, The Strangest said:

I usually joke about how on Reddit the legitimately interesting stuff gets no upvotes while 4-5 loose copies of Sculptor’s Cut gets upvoted to the front every week.

This is legitimately cool and interesting. Nice pickup!

The secret to reddit upvotes is to post a pic of a Super Mario World or Sonic 2 cart and title it "REMEMBER THIS?"

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