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May the 4th be with you!


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Watching some Lego Star Wars with my son right now. The Droid Tales mini series takes some pretty funny potshots at the convoluted Star Wars political backstory and much-despised characters like Jar Jar.

I'm also glad that the final film is on Disney+ so I can finish out the new trilogy. I've heard VERY mixed things, but I'm still pretty excited. I'm one of the few who liked the Last Jedi specifically because it actually brought some new ideas to the table (I'd happily throw out the whole casino planet subplot and eliminate Poe completely though... Ugh).

Happy 4th!

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18 minutes ago, Estil said:

For those who think school shootings only happened from Columbine onwards, guess again.


The earliest mass school killing (that I am aware of) in the US occurred in 1927 - there was a rifle involved but only in a minor way.


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