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Homebrew Leader Board Competition 2020-Game 5: Troll Burner


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Homebrew Leader Board Competition 2020 - Game 5: Troll Burner

Play Period: Friday, May 1, 2020 - Sunday, May 17, 2020

Download the rom here at the bottom of the page. Order a physical cart here.


Joe Granato and Austin McKinley created Troll Burner in just 8 days while returning home from PAX South in 2017. Developed as a brief, playable proof of concept to demonstrate the versatility of NESmaker, as well as an enthusiastic middle finger to its critics, Troll Burner is an action platformer where you blast some smack-talking trolls and run up a high score. Don't dawdle though because there is a time limit to add some extra difficulty (unless a burnt troll drops a time boost for you). Still not challenged enough? Okay, you only get a "Trolls Burned" end screen when you beat the game; so if you can't reach the end, you just won't cut it.

Troll Burner is available from The New 8-Bit Heroes website, and a handful of carts were given out in early 2018 as prizes for various contests. But wait, you ask, there's a link above that says I can order a cart, how is that possible? Well Timmy, here's the scoop: after a little digging in the NESmaker Facebook group in search of one of those rare Troll Burner carts, I learned there is an active physical run of Troll Burner available. Infinite NES Lives sells flashable carts for use with NESmaker, however those carts are NOT blank. In order to ensure every cart works, Paul flashes Troll Burner onto every single one. Therefore purchasing an NESmaker refill cart is tantamount to purchasing a copy of Troll Burner! (I left this tidbit in my VGS Homebrew Almanac thread as an easter egg of sorts for a few months, but I'm sharing it more widely for this competition and a little earlier than usual for folks to have time to get a cart if they want)


How to submit your score:

1. Scores shall be submitted by posting a picture to that month’s game thread.  Screenshots of a computer screen (print screen) are not acceptable.

2. The picture must include the entire screen and have your VGS user name within the picture on a piece of paper.   Username can not be added digitally to the picture.

3. Type out your score in bold on your thread post.

4. Scores must be submitted within the posted time frame.

5. Do not submit scores from previous runs.

6. Use one post for your score.  You can submit as many as you like by editing your original post.  You can bump the thread to announce your new score.



1. NTSC only, no PAL.  This will create a level playing field and not create differences based on timing.

2. OEM, FPGA, and clone consoles are OKAY.

3. Emulators are OKAY.  Play game at 100% speed.

4. No save states allowed.

5. Flashcarts (i.e. Everdrive / Power Pak) are OKAY.

6. No turbo or slow motion controllers are allowed.

7. No game genie codes.

8. Do not use glitches in the game to boost your score.


Troll Burner pic.jpg

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Troll Burner Leaderboard

Username               Score                Date

Red                         2,146              5/17/2020

bertsampson           538               5/17/2020

dvertov                    398               5/14/2020

zi                              304               5/15/2020               

Deadeye                  179               5/12/2020

driveshaft                119                5/17/2020

JamesRobot              64               5/14/2020

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6 minutes ago, bertsampson said:

The demo doesn't give that swell splash screen with your total kills.  Am I missing something, or is only the demo available for download?

You can buy a physical version by buying the refill NESmaker cart from INL. See link in OP. You only get that screen by beating the game, if you die beforehand it doesn't appear.

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