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  1. It was my first time playing. I won 52-27, but wasn't even remotely ready with the camera. I lost my bottom basket near the end of the first half, and near the end of the game. I figured the basket fell off after multiple baskets without the opponent getting the ball. Both times, they took the rim and put it on their end. I didn't figure out how to shoot the other baskets until the game was almost over. I regret not having time to put any effort into this one. I'm guessing much higher scores are possible.
  2. 7... I did better my first game, but missed the pic. Lots that I'm missing in this one. Looks like a fun game though. Maybe next time.
  3. No, no jail time for me. Just been busy. Not so busy today though, so I put a couple mores runs into it. Fun game.
  4. Married 20 years on the 18th. I might be back in time to post a score.
  5. Not surprised you came out of retirement for Double Dragon. Can we expect a run for the tournament?
  6. The Wizard... It may be possible for you DD guys, but I'll be lucky to hit 50,000 at all.
  7. Yeah right. Before the end of the first level, no doubt.
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