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  1. Well, I had a little extra time, so...999,999.
  2. 104,530 Had to put a few extra attempts on this one. First time beating it...yeah, I don't like this game.
  3. Approximate weight is shown, then when you go to the weigh in, you select the fish and it gives you the weight. My shark weighed 1050lbs before selecting it on the weigh in screen.
  4. And, my thumbs are broken... nice job in SMB3 Skinny! Seeya next week! 5,864,820
  5. Here's a minimum, one and done score for everyone to beat. Seriously. Easiest SMB on the NES. Good luck and see you next week! 251,860
  6. I have a trasnlated Spartan X 2 rom. Should be ok to use.
  7. Maybe. Most likely post some scores for fun. I retired after last year. Some asshat, can't remember his name, made a big stink most of the year about how great he is and a bunch of other BS. Then he pussed out when it came to tournament time. I wish I could remember who that was, or waste some of my time looking at the old threads. Oh well. Not important.
  8. Looks to be a fun year! I might have to throw up a score here and there.
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