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Re-gluing a cart label?

Label glue?  

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  1. 1. Is it okay to re-glue a label or part of a label to a cart?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Depends.

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Would you re-glue a label to a cart?  Not even necessarily the whole label, but say, just the top portion of an NES cart that has popped up?  Here are some arguments for and against that came to mind:

Yes:  Gluing a label back down makes the cart more presentable.  Gluing the label down prevents it from snagging and tearing.  

No:  The cart must remain in its original form.  Deterioration is part of the process.  It's not the same glue the factory used.  Gluing modifies the cart and lowers the value.  Gluing the label down is deceptive.

Depends:  ???

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Yes in any case yes.  If the sticker aesthetically is still worth salvaging, clear the space and re-apply some new glue.  There's no reason to go into OCD collector drama or the rest, it's still the original sticker, cart, etc, just fresh glue to save a vintage game.

Best glue I've still been able to use even 10 years into it now, the kids choice of choice for schools.  Elmer's Glue Stick -- Goes on purple wet, dries clear.  You get up under that sticker if it's still attached, scrape a little glue on a razors edge and get it in there, then rub the rest down nicely after clearing any dry funk off the surface first.  I've got stuff on my shelf still 10 years on still looking solid and stuff I've let go of too.  Never a complaint, and I won't either as it works and doesn't even appear to ever been done if the sticker wasn't harmed in the first place.  I've done this also with stickers to anything else, old toys like Transformers G1 decals to modern handhelds or whatever.  It's truly harmless and all benefit.

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I'm glad I don't disclose doing it as it just seems overly picky to get bent out of shape about putting a sticker back down using harmless means.

For those who are picky, what exactly is the concern?  It's not like its going to devalue it if that's all you care about, if anything it should conserve the value as it's back down and not likely to rip, ripple, or curl.

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