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  1. Such a terrific and invaluable post. Thank you for taking the time to post and preserve this information . Keep them coming brotha.
  2. Right on Phleo. For me this mainly involves the Wii & 3DS. Unfortunately all games are tied to the console they were purchased on. On one of my Wii's, I found a copy of My Pokemon Ranch. Is this a great game? Not at all. But it's Pokemon, and was only available as a Wiiware Download. I also have another console with Frogger Returns, which turns out is also available on PSN for now (and was on DSiware).
  3. Hey Gang, So over the years I've acquired some consoles which hold digital only games that have been delisted from their online networks. So a few questions for my fellow Collectors... Is it worth holding on to these consoles for these delisted games? Aside from piracy, this would be the only legitimate way of playing many of these games. Are digital only games considered collectable? Is there a collector scene for digital only games that I'm not aware of? That all being said, It's really hard to part with these consoles, because I may never find that game again. But at the same time, there starting to pile up. Does anyone else have this dilemma? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Best, -Retro
  4. Hey M308, I'm also trying to solve this issue. I have a lot of loose manuals as well. My first thought was just to use baggies for them, but id like to give them a little more support. I wonder if they make miniature comic book boards and bags. I'm curious about these receipt binders you you mentioned. Can you post a link with an image of one? Thanks brotha!
  5. Hey Allkaps, I have a copy of Silpheed: lost Planet in a Hollywood Video case. I'll try and see if I can get that scanned for you.
  6. So true Gutling. I wipe everything down no matter how nice it looks. 9/10 times brown gunk comes off that you can't even see. Let's be honest most of these old games sit in people's garages, sheds, and storage lockers for decades. It's not until they come home with is that their treated with the love they deserve
  7. FCgamer, I share your pain! When you start doing research on console revisions, and you only pay a few dollars for each console, boy can you really go down the rabbit hole There's just so many pro's and cons to each revision for certain consoles. Some have better video output. Some have better lasers. Some have better sound. Some are built like a tank, etc etc. You start asking yourself, do I keep the one in best cosmetic condition with the loud fan, or do I keep the one that looks like shit but will last forever? Trust me I feel ya. As you can imagine im quickly running out of space myself. I do sell a bunch though, but before they go I triple check them to deem them not collection worthy. So your not alone my friend! Just collect what you love man -Retro
  8. For something so minute, you guys really dig into the details lol .. I love it! Thanks guys
  9. It's little things like this that really make me love this site
  10. Hey gang, So I have a few boxes in my collection that are torn in one way or another. Just wondering what's the consensus on the best, safest glue to use on these old cardboard gems? Much appreciated, - Retro
  11. Tanooki, can you make a video on this? Would love to see a skilled expert at work. Thanks man
  12. I've made it a rule to always ask the seller to politely package the items box within a cardboard shipping box, and let him know I'm a collector. If I don't hear back from them, or they give me some smart ass remark I don't pay them. 9/10 times they're totally cool, but it's best to speak up first before they ship it.
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