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Nintendo Power #3 Photo Cover Prop Shoes

Art of Nintendo Power

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Thought this would be a fun thing to show off... in the show off section...

I struck this deal while manning my museum exhibit at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this year.

These are the actual converse high tops used in the principal photography for the cover of Nintendo Power #3.

Yes I know they are authentic. No I cant talk about how I know that for a fact. My sources are my sources guuuuuurrrrlllll




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16 hours ago, CasualCart said:

That's so sick! But the real question is - are they your size? Can't have Nintendo Power Rocket-Shoes without taking them out for a stroll in the supermarket or something haha.


Nintendo Power Rocket Shoes.jpg

Dude. You drew me? New Profile picture right there son!

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