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Sweet score, dude!

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Tell a story about a collecting moment that you remember nostalgically. A landmark moment for your stash, making a new friend along with the deal, you bought something you didn't know was signed by a programmer you really like... 

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Here's the one I thought of that made me wanna hear these. It's nothing amazing but it is from the very beginning of my getting back into plastic squares.

I think I had posted about that on facebook, and a friend noticed it. Unlike me, he didn't miss the wave of good thrift store days. And he was moving, and had decided he no longer needed piles of common Nintendo and Super Nintendo carts. I didn't buy everything he had; he kind of wanted his SuperScope to go to a good home and I wasn't very interested, didn't have room to carry it... but I got a really good deal on those stacks of carts. And a nice afternoon with my friend.

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I don't know if this qualifies, but...

I bought a couple of old Coleco tabletop arcades from a guy off of Craigslist about 15 years ago. As we are talking, I ask him why he is selling, are you a collector, etc. He says he used to be and that he once had a full NES set but he sold it before he moved here and that he still might have some things if I'm interested. I told him I was and that night he texted me and said he had a bunch of N64 games. I obviously told him I was interested, and he said he would make a spreadsheet and show me what he has. 

It takes a few days and just when I thought it was dead, he emails me a list of over 400 games, including several duplicates, manuals, boxes, and these super cool clamshell cases with high quality box art prints for all the ones he doesn't have boxes for (pictured) and some cool accessories to boot! He says he doesn't have any zelda games, which OK. I already had those so no biggie. I look at his list and Sculpters Cut, check, bowling, check, Stunt Racer, check, Worms Armageddon, check... you get the idea. I'm freaking out. So, I ask him how much...

Days go by with no answer again. Then, out of the blue... $350.  What!?! Now I'm really freaking out. I wait an hour or so trying not to look desperate. I say I will take it and arrange a meeting. This is where I sit down to watch TV to wait for our meeting and I see this episode of American Pickers where they made about 3 times as much off of selling something than they thought and go back to give the guy they bought it from more money out of kindness.  Now the video game gods are talking to me through Tv shows... LOL!

He shows up with 4 big boxes full of stuff. I look through it all and find all the big hitters and tell him that I watched this Pickers episode and blah, blah, blah. I gave him $700 and walked with it all. My best score ever. At the time, it was probably worth $11-1200. Now obviously a lot more. I paired what he had with what I already had and it made a full US set. I sold off the extras and made most of my money back and even traded some for NES games I was missing at the time. 

My favorite story to tell and it's all still here and in those clamshells. 


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Back in 2012 I had started making reproductions of various NES hacks and translations. There was a retro game store that opened up around the sane time about 40mins away from me. 

I went in one day to check it out and got to talking to the guy that ran it. I think he was part owner. The end result of the conversation was I agreed to make reproductions for the store. The vast majority of which were Castlevania hacks, I guess he really liked the idea of those for some reason . 

That relationship lasted around 2 years I think and there was many times that I would trade the repros for stuff instead of them giving me cash. Some things I got that way were:

Jaguar Console

Justifer Gun sets for both the SNES and Genesis

Miracle piano (in a obliterated box) for NES

and untold number of games

The store changed location and owners a couple of times but they still exist, but it’s more of an arcade for birthdays now than a real store. I don’t know how many trade ins they really get anymore 


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Graphics Team · Posted

I got the majority of my Atari 2600 collection in a huge lot from @BortLicensePlate in 2020 - and it was really cool because I got to meet him in-person (albeit briefly). Still the only VGS member I've met offline.

Also he gave me a killer deal on the games - especially considering all the extra manuals he threw-in, too. (Thanks again, dude!)


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I went to a church rummage sale in 2018. Got there right as it opened, and the first box I looked into had a smoke grey n64 looking perfect with one game.  Scooped that up and some camping gear, a cooler etc.

It was one of those sales where they just tell you the price at the end at the register. She took a look and was like "is this some video game stuff."  I said yes, and she said how about $10 for everything.

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