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The Warp Coin Catastrophe


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I made an Ace Attorney demake for the Game Boy with GBStudio :)

It stars the members of the Warp World Community - streamers and podcast hosts I work with. It takes about 20 minutes to play and is free to enjoy (works well in a mobile browser). There’s also a Kickstarter to fund the creation of carts. Hope you like it!


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Played through, I loved the writing. Got the hidden Barb ending, and on the second run the okay one. Some notes:

- in the court screen, instead of flashing to left-center-right images, scrolling would be nicer
- loved the snes refs
- when looking for evidence, it's not discoverable that you can go left and right. There should be some indicator on screen
- the evidence music is a bit too looping
- objection could use a sfx (or if it was intended for that, timed to it)
- the kumquat point would make more sense if the evidence mentioned the flavor, I don't think Phoenix Wright had guessing like that

MBC5 with those specs will make it hard to manufacture, but I guess you can't do much about it, having to work with what GB Studio gives you. It seems to only use half the ROM and a tiny amount of the save ram, not sure about cart ram.

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Agree with your points! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 

You are also correct in that the limitations of the tools I’m using restrict what I can implement - like the screen scroll.

As for the carts, I have already sourced flashable battery carts and tested them. They use a M29W640 chipset and work well, with the caveat of the battery save being lost if the game isn’t powered for a year. I wanted to make sure I was able to deliver on that before going forward with the Kickstarter.

I’ll be keeping some of your thoughts in mind should I make more chapters in the series. Thanks again!

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Yep, that seems to be a 3V flash, meaning if there's no voltage translation (most/all of the chinese carts lack that), the carts will eventually commit sudoku.

That's the downside in the current GB homebrew ecosystem, nobody is making quality repro boards for big stuff, only chinese sources available, with their typical issues. BennVenn keeps talking about making such, but his stuff is always sold out, and the timing for when stuff will appear is very varying. INL has also talked about designing such, but no timelines.

edit: The NES, SNES and Genesis state is much better, if GB is not the goal by itself.

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