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  1. The irony that you're talking about waiting 6 years for Kickstarter rewards while at the same time boycotting games that are available from that same platform that just need production supplies in order to ship is fantastic. Cool, well I appreciate your responses. Have a great day. Back to not visiting this site for a few years.
  2. While I do appreciate your response I was specifically asking Code Monkey since he is the one that holds that belief. Bummed that I lost someone who once cared about my projects, and if he has ideas on how to better release my projects in the future to where he may return as a customer I'd definitely love to consider them.
  3. I'd like to pose a question (and I'm sorry to derail this thread. I promise I'll dig out all the custom levels that were submitted at some point). Setting aside the rules, in how you interpret them, that Kickstarter isn't a platform to released "finished" games, (we could also debate what constitutes a finished product, as having a finished ROM certainly doesn't make a finished commercial product) how would you prefer I had funded the release of NEScape? With NA (which didn't shut down until October 2019, and despite it being on its last leg was certainly still the premier NES forum) prohibiting pre-orders, and launching a full release of a game (still dictated by orders of boxes and manuals, which starts being cost effective around the 250-300 order mark) costing about $6,000, I'm just not sure what options you think were available to me. And again, I am asking genuinely with no malice. In what ways could I have released it while not using the Kickstarter platform? The NEScape campaign was launched May 16, 2019, for date comparison. Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts. edit: I see Tim commented while I was typing this up. $15k is probably a bit steep in overhead costs, but I suppose we are asking the same thing.
  4. That is correct. DM me your email and I'll send you the Incident for free.
  5. It's a game you don't like.
  6. Not trying to be a jackass, but as you've been to the site multiple times since I asked what you meant by this, I think it's a bummer that you will vaguely call me out but won't respond when I ask for clarification of what you meant. I simply would like to improve on things in the future, but I can't do that if you won't elaborate on what you're implying I did wrong here.
  7. Would certainly love to know what I did! edit: And I'm genuinely asking. No snark involved.
  8. I agree that they need to be consistent with how they're handling the responses, but you straight up demanding a replacement and refusing her response is super entitled. As someone who sells my own games, I want to help people who act the way you're acting WAY less. Honestly if someone responded to me the way you responded to her, I'd refund your money and not even take the time to reply to you again. Being polite, acknowledging the difference between reps, and asking for clarification in their process would have been a better route. But you do you. Sorry for coming down on you. I just feel responsible for the community to some degree. With this now being one of the most prevalent NES homebrew carts out there, how people interact with the company releasing it says a lot about us as a community and as consumers. After this debacle they may think twice about releasing more homebrews in the future.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have a security bit to open mine to compare, sorry. And for the record, I think the whole "There was no mention whatsoever from LRG that this game wouldn’t work" is a shitty take. They shouldn't need to specify whether a game will work on a third party hardware solution, no matter how prevalent it is in the community. Now I will agree that since it works on *some* AVS systems it deserves to work on *all* AVS systems, and that lends itself to it being a defective cartridge, but pushing back on a company for not advertising every system a game may or may not work on is not a good look.
  10. So are they confirmed to only glitch out on the AVS? It doesn't really make sense to me if that's the case.
  11. My AVS is confirmed to work perfectly with it. Firmware v1.30
  12. I guess we're the only weirdos that enjoy tinkering with old machines for an hour to get a game to sound good with our wavetable boards. DOS hype for life.
  13. Something point and clicky. Anything point and clicky.
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