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  1. Looks like everyone played by the rules. Sorry.
  2. Woo two KHAN Games make an appearance. Thanks. Mall Brawl is incredible, by the way. Everyone should buy it!
  3. I've been playing at least once a week for the past few months. Don't think I'm getting any better (and actually may be getting worse) but at least I am getting exercise and having fun.
  4. I saw that and it made me very sad. Congrats on the release!!
  5. If you got one from the first batch or if anyone tries to order more than one I will cancel the order altogether. It's only fair that everyone get a fair shot at getting a copy since they're so limited.
  6. Oh wow I somehow missed the fact that his was ever announced. I definitely want it to be true since Lori Meyers is on there. Love that song.
  7. Great read and great interviews. Great job everyone.
  8. Yeah I'm ordering the parts for 50 more. People are yelling at me to do open preorders but that would make too much sense. Thanks for all the support everyone!
  9. I still can't believe I sold 50 copies in 2 minutes. Sorry about that.
  10. 10/10 all day long. The music is killer, too. Same composer as the Rocky series.
  11. Really appreciate everyone contributing! When I found out this was happening it weirded me out a little, but all of the submissions were great. Congrats James! It's fitting that you won with a Larry entry since that was the project that introduced us to one another all those years ago. And also, coincidentally, right around the time I'm about to re-release it. Good times!
  12. Just answer me this single question, tracker. How is Jeff benefiting the community (which he has stated over and over and over is his intent) when he is directly going against the wishes of the developer of the very game he's releasing? That seems to do quite the opposite. I can understand it being a miscommunication (I guess... but this whole "miscommunication" happened over a year ago and communication should have been re-established prior to launching), but how can you defend him when he continues to push the release of this game?
  13. Heaven forbid I defend a personal friend of mine who has given me specific details of this ongoing issue for the last several years. It's not like my statements were unfounded. Rob's Twitter thread proves this. I'll let Rob's Twitter thread do the talking from now on. In the past Rob hasn't risen to defend his work, so I took it upon myself to do it for him. That's all.
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