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From Below Pocket - On Sale Now!


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Hi All!

I've just launched my latest homebrew, this time for the Game Boy!




From the deepest trenches of the ocean, the Kraken has come!

As the Kraken climbs the walls of your fortress, repel it by hurtling blocks down at the monster. As lines are cleared, the Kraken will retreat, but only momentarily.

Can you survive the night, and live to fight another day?    

Compatible with all Game Boy models, and enhanced for the Super Game Boy!

Featuring Two-Player simultaneous play!


  • Classic gameplay with a Twist
    Featuring the falling-block gameplay you know in love, all while the Kraken works against you pushing garbage blocks up from the bottom of the ocean.
  • Modernized Controls
    This is the absolute best-feeling game of this genre on the Game Boy!
  • Battle-Tested by the Pros
    Extensive player feedback from the pros has resulted in a game that hardcore players love to play. Whether it's the "Kill Screen" after level 30, or Lock-Delay to keep the game playable at extreme speeds, From Below Pocket is a highlight reel waiting to happen!
  • Competitive Multiplayer
    By far the most requested feature is finally here! Go head-to-head in 2-player simultaneous play between two Game Boy Systems via a Game Link cable!
  • Batteries are Included
    High scores and game settings are saved with an on-cartridge battery.
  • Technical Details
    • Mapper: MBC1
    • Size: 128KB ROM + 8KB RAM
    • Code Language: C
    • Development Time: 1 year


From Below Pocket is compatible with every version of Game Boy, and it takes advantage of the strengths of each system in a way that few games do.

From Below Pocket contains all versions of the game on a single, universal "DX" cartridge.

On original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, you get that classic black and white look, and a game that runs at full speed with no slowdown. This is the exact same experience as the other versions of the game.

Game Boy Color, as you would expect, adds full color graphics to the game. The faster CPU of the Game Boy Color is intentionally unutilized in order to stay consistent with the other platforms.

With Super Game Boy you will also find high quality color graphics, as well as a custom game border!

Multiplayer fully supports cross-play between all types of Game Boy systems. For example, a Game Boy Pocket can connect to a Game Boy Color using the exact same version of the game!

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