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The 2022 Resident Evil Netflix series kinda sucks


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It's not often I bother to share thoughts on shows but I'm legit curious if anyone else has seen it and feers differently. I've been watching half episodes each night and have seen the first 3 so far, and I'm just... So bored. 

I don't care about this self-indulgent brat of a child or her sister, not even this totally whack Albert Wesker. The way it goes back and forth between the before and after the fall kinda stuff in like... Who even cares? With the movies it was sequential and it was like "oh shit now the world has gone to hell", but with this it's goes the opposite and in like "wold went to hell, here's why", and spoiler alert - the bratty vegan kid was a super bratty vegan and got herself infected by releasing a zombie dog and getting bit. 

For a show that was rated pretty highly and using source material I'm a big fan of, I'm really confounded that it's noooooo dull. 

Anyone else? 

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I watched the Resident Evil show.  My wife dropped out, so I had to finish it alone.  I didn't really think it was all that bad actually.  I mean, the games aren't exactly known for their story, and the movies have been all sorts of "camp" and stuff.  As an entry in the RE movie/tv collection it might be one of the best, but it is no masterpiece or anything.

There's also a Resident Evil animated show on Netflix, and I couldn't even finish one episode of that.

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