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Mega Slow Mole – Sega Genesis/Megadrive platformer


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Mega Slow Mole for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive is nearly finished.

Free demo and beta version out now.

The game is here: https://slowmolestudio.itch.io/mega-slow-mole

There's still some content missing. Some more levels will be added to the first third of the game and it's missing some end game content, challenge levels and secrets. All the music isn't there yet either and the sound mix will need some tweaks to sound well on all Megadrive revisions. That said, the beta already contains more than 80 levels and should pose quite a challenge...  I suspect a lot of people will find the free demo challenging enough though.

Mega Slow Mole is the sequel to the NES game Slow Mole https://slowmolestudio.itch.io/slow-mole
In fact, it's sort of the third part of a trilogy since I also made a Pico 8 game before it called Slow Mole Jr. https://slowmolestudio.itch.io/slow-mole-jr

And while Mega Slow Mole does borrow some mechanics from Slow Mole Jr, it's completely different from the NES game, aside from the checkpoint mechanic. We're also planning a physical cartridge release, but manufacturing and marketing is still left to be sorted out. Hopefully I can share some prototype cart footage soon.

Coded in C using the fantastic SGDK toolset by Stephane Dallongeville. (Thanks Stef! You're amazing!) https://github.com/Stephane-D/SGDK

Press kit: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4k4g18q8y2cetem/MegaSlowMole_Presskit.zip/file


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We have a full* game!

The free demo has also been updated and is much more polished, so by all means, give it a go!
The demo has all the features of the full game, including saving of checkpoints and records. (The demo is a very short but pretty satsifying speedrun I'd say and saves your record for next time you play.)

Download links:


*It's a full game in the sense that it can be beaten, but it's still missing some secret content.

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