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Ill use this thread to free flow post about sega stuff from my collection. I was a nintendo kid, but as an adult with disposable income I got serious about Sega.  Love the look, and style of almost everything they put out.  Gives me strong underground vibes because hardly anyone I knew as a kid had any sega stuff.


Nintendo stuff here:


Questions, comments, criticisms are welcome. 



Lets start with some 16 bit hardware. 

I mainly game through my mega sg with an 8 bit do wireless controller. 3d printed holder. 

I use the SMS adapter for Master system, and have all of the adapters. 

I do have a working model 1 with model 1CD, and model 2 CD. Just realized I have (3) model 1s, and no model 2s.   I would run these through a framemeister for hdmi, or rgb straight into my PVM. 

Fully recapped and modded nomad with rgb LED screen. Fed with a laser bear battery with 3d printed case (nitecore 18650 3500mah battery)


Opened but never used game genie. 

More to come!


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