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  1. Slow Mole cartridge for Famicom. We're sending a few of these out for review and testing (send me a message if you're a reviewer and like to take part). This is essentially the look of the upcoming limited Famicom release, though we are still testing out different LEDs. Patrons will get the chance to order first. Another way we are going to distribute these is as rewards on Itch.io, so one way to make sure you get one (besides Patreon) is to make a small donation when downloading there. That will serve as an advance payment and make it easier for us to contact you (Itch.io provides contact info to us for all who are listed as buyers). Note, that this is the naked PCB version for Famicom. A version in a shell is in the works for NES and possibly a more conventional Famicom version later on. We will of course also offer some kind of warranty (more details later), but with proper ground planes and modern component level ESD-protection, we feel handling this PCB version is perfectly safe, those features aren't commonly found in old Famicom games. This has been designed by a highly experienced engineer according to the highest standards with proper 5V-components. Links: https://www.patreon.com/erikrosenlund https://slowmoledev.itch.io/slow-mole
  2. I won't go into any technical details yet, as I'm not the hardware designer. We'll be completely upfront about what you're getting if you choose to order the Famicom version. We expect the new prototypes shortly. I had a blast designing the gold artwork for the PCB and am really looking forward to seeing it and sharing footage of it running in all manor of NES/Famicom consoles and clones. And of course, there will also be an NES version with transparent shells coming a little later (the details regarding that are still being sorted, but expect an upcoming announcement). That will also feature similar artwork (just less prominent since it's in a shell). So if you are more comfortable with that or just prefer an NES version, go for that one instead.
  3. We don't believe either of those things will be an issue. Rest assured this will be tested thoroughly, but the cart is meant to withstand both those scenarios.
  4. Well actually, for the first limited Famicom-only release we're planning to go with a naked PCB, because we think it will look nicer. But, we're also in plans for making an NES version with a translucent shell. But that'll be a little later most likely. So if you want a shell, we recommend that version.
  5. We've landed on a design for the upcoming Famicom cartridge. Imagine this in gold on a black PCB. We're making a small test run based on this second prototype that will also serve as review copies. The final design might still see some adjustments. Once we're confident everything looks exactly as we want it to, we'll be ready to take orders.
  6. Currently working on the cartridge design. I expect to share some news shortly. Meanwhile, the first review I've seen is up: https://www.retrorgb.com/new-free-nes-game-slow-mole-released.html
  7. Well, usually it's hard to know. Unless they respond to an email or a tweet you often don't know how they find it. I mainly use emails and Twitter, but messages on FB can also work sometimes. I've had a lot of practice marketing and selling my films but it's still very difficult. EDIT: My short films are on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Checkoofilm
  8. Thank you! A lot of work trying to market the game. So happy someone picked it up!
  9. Ok, now I sort of have to pinch myself, but NintendoLife actually picked it up! https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/07/slow_mole_is_a_new_and_free_nes_platformer_cartridge_version_incoming
  10. Well played indeed!! If you're into speedrunning you can have a go at Zorilla33's record: https://www.speedrun.com/slow_mole But the cartridge version is under way! SlowMole+ is also coming later, with more challenge levels and more secrets!
  11. There are 3 difficulty levels: easier, normal and hard (well there is an extra easy mode too, but that requires a cheat). The skull flag means hard, same as going through the -1 portal after normal. (If you beat it on easier -1 takes you to normal.) Difficulty just affects the timer, but reduced timer means you often need different strategy to beat it. The challenge levels are also affected so you can play them either in normal or hard. I tried different algorithms for unlocking the challenge levels in normal, since I felt that unless you really mastered the game they're more of a punishment than a reward. If you just barely manage to beat the game I'd rather have the player feel that moment of triumph. But I also didn't want something that punishes playing around and experimentation, like counting deaths or collecting bonus seconds would.
  12. Yes, but if they unlocked right away when you beat it on normal, that means the game thought you played well!
  13. Thanks! Yes, because of demand, we are planning to make a limited run of this version of the game for Famicom. It will look similar but nicer than the prototype in the clip above. I'll get back to you regarding details and how to order it. Oh I love Taiwan! I was at the Golden Horse Film Festival once...
  14. I'm afraid it just adjusts for the cycling speed of the current room so it can differ when you first enter it too. This game intentionally subverts many conventional game design principles, so it's fair that some people will find it throws them off. Some other ways it does this is how it's all designed around such a slow character surrounded by fast enemies (usually it's the other way around) and the timer system, as well as the bounce cancel mechanic (which you might or might not have noticed) when jumping on springs. That mechanic can even be used to adjust the timing of the mole when it sometimes seems impossible to get it right for the surroundings, but it's not required to master it to beat the game. A password system is unlikely, but we are looking into using a save feature in a very discreet way (it will be in Slow Mole + if it all works out and feels right) For now there's a cheat if you want to play the hard mode right away, hold select+B when going through the normal warp. Beating hard mode will take you to the 15 challenge levels (there's also a way to reach them on normal, but it requires meeting certain conditions) That is actually a working cartridge prototype! But this version isn't gold plated, it's tin. But when we do a limited run of the updated version of this it's of course going to be gold plated. Here's a shot of the working prototype on a 1984 RGB modded Famicom:
  15. This is intentional, but I always knew this would be a divisive design choice. The underlying timer controlling the cycling platforms etc don't reset when you respawn. I know it will throw some people off when they start playing, but what it also does is to force the player to observe the level since you can't beat it by learning how to play it, you have to adapt. It also means there are infinite variations when there are enemies (which more often than not have randomized starting directions) and platforms/lasers etc on the same screen. I've literally played this game hundreds of times and the game still keep surprising me and I still come up with plays in seemingly impossible timings. For me that's a real rush. Also, all the levels have been designed around this in mind and there are mutliple ways to beat them.
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