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Mega Man: The Sequel Wars (Mega Man 4-6 Remakes)


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Didn't see this posted anywhere, so here I am. If this should be in the New Releases subforum in The Gauntlet, by all means move it there.

This is Mega Man: The Sequel Wars, a Homebrew for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive by Woodfrog that contains remakes of Mega Man 4, 5, and 6. It has updated graphics and audio like Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Protoman and Roll are playable. It has an option to play Wily Wars style versions of the music, and an option for modern versions. Some of the music is new. It has options to change the difficulty, controller configuration, and turning the new visual effects on or off. When you get a weapon or adapter, you can test them out before getting back to the game like in Mega Man 11.

Game Page and Downloadhttps://woodfrog.itch.io/mega-man-the-sequel-wars-episode-red



"Episode Red", which contains a full remake of Mega Man 4, was recently released. I've been playing it on my GameCube via Action Replay, SD Card, and Genesis Plus GX Emulator. It runs smoothly for the most part, and the controls are responsive (I used the Wavebird). My GameCube is hooked up to a Sound Bar and Subwoofer, and the modern version of the soundtrack packs quite a punch.



Also, apparently the game works on a real Sega Genesis.

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