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1861 civil war confederate dollar


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Reminds me of an old Dennis the Menace TV episode where he found a Confederate bill and tried to buy something with it. The shopkeeper turned him down, but then Mr. Wilson revealed that it was worth a lot more and bought it from Dennis. The shopkeeper was all, "But they lost!"

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Just now, Californication said:

Blasphemy. Paying for confederate dollars with Northern dollars. Confederates are rolling in their graves.

At this point, I think the smart ones are humble enough to understand and appreciate that their loss is why everyone in the country isn't speaking German right now.

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If you haven't read it this is an interesting alternate Civil War trilogy - the point of divergence is when one of the Laird rams is tranferred to the CSA and when this is happening a Union warship comes on the scene and engages the Laird ram - a British warship shows up and assumes that the Laird ram is still a British ship which is being attacked.  Game on!


(The trilogy is actually named Brittanias Fist Trilogy.)

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