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  1. +1 Great person to deal with, and hope to deal with again, thanks!
  2. Sold some games to Sydpinkfloyd. Perfect transaction, no issues at all. +1
  3. Maybe I'll try a bit more tomorrow to make it through the whole game at least once
  4. +1 Thanks alot for your purchase!! Great guy to work with, great communication, great all around =D
  5. You can cross Uniracers off the list. This hurt my thumbs. Fun to have a reason to go back and play some games, havn't actually done so in a good while.
  6. late entry, only gave it one shot. tougher than i remember this game lol.
  7. Hi, VGD. I received the NES paperwork safe and sound. Packed well. Thank you! +1
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