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WTB: Diablo / Diablo II Games and Merchandise


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Will buy or trade.  I have quite a bit I could offer so let me know your area of interest and we'll see 🙂

Also looking for action figures, pins, coins and will consider any other diablo merchandise you may have.






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2 hours ago, WarMech said:

Might not be something you're interested in, but I have a sealed boxed copy of Diablo 2 (not the big box, but still boxed) I'd be willing to sell.

Hey man, I am good on the small box versions, but thanks for checking. Appreciate it 🙂

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14 minutes ago, Tyree_Cooper said:

I just realised the last post is from 2021


im still collecting d2 stuff. the image you posted doesnt seem to work, are you talking about magazine promo cd's? Pretty sure I have all the soundtracks, but would still take a look if your selling 

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