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  1. These are just about the last of my sealed Genesis games. I've put them up on eBay with auctions ending on Sunday. All started at $0.99. https://www.ebay.com/sch/daesan/m.html?item=133375349584&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks for looking!
  2. Lol, welcome to the word of freelance illustration! While I'm sure the painting went through a review process in the design/planning stages, this was the artist's only Nintendo illustration and their only time working with these characters haha
  3. I'd be more worried that your game isn't a factory seal with that kind of hole, to be honest. I always associated that kind of hole with cheaper reseals
  4. Has anyone seen this poster before? I recently purchased this poster from the artist that did the original painting for the poster. The artist told me that "It was only printed and given to 18-20 Nintendo executives as a special thank you for service in the Mid nineties." I imagine its pretty scarce, and I wonder if any others have survived. This last copy that the artist still possessed appears to be some kind of a printer proof (see the colors at the top). Any other info on it?
  5. Smooth transition with 0xDEAFC0DE--thank you!
  6. Yeah, so then it depends on if you're a "US" collector or a "Genesis" collector. I wouldn't count this as a US release or variant, as far as the US set is concerned. I'm ambivalent whether it should be included in the Asian "set." More than anything, I would count it as a Genesis release, just like I do Canadian titles. So if you collect Canadian, in addition to US, because they are "Genesis", then it might make sense to add this Genesis 6-Pak to your personal list. With that logic, I might need to add to my spreadsheet the Asian "Genesis" Jurassic Park, hmm. Things are well, bud! I've been researching game art now much more than games themselves
  7. The mini cardboard 6-Pak is an official Sega release, and as my spreadsheet tracks Genesis releases (this inclusive of Canadian Genesis titles), I consider this a Genesis release. When I owned both this cart and the Mega Games 10, as well as a few different regions of consoles, I did some tests. Some of it was probably posted to SegaAge. I think my take back then were that these were surplus US carts that got a new packaging release, primary (or exclusively) sold in Asia. That reasoning makes sense to me for the Genesis branding: the carts already existed and they wanted the boxes (done as cheaply as possible thus the small size) to match. This Genesis 6-Pak did not include a manual, and I recall Mega Games 10 being the same.
  8. I've got 4 Korean Nintendo DS games for sale. I bought each of them back when I lived in Korea as a supplemental way to learn and practice my Korean. All 4 games are CIB. Other than Phantom Hourglass (for which at one point many sealed copies were available on eBay for purchase by anyone worldwide), these probably haven't really come up for easy purchase by Western collectors. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Pokemon X (Nintendo 3DS) Professor Layton and the Curious Village No set prices on them, but given the relative scarcity (even when I lived in Korea and had access to Korean eBay-like sites, it was tough to actually find CIB items in collector condition), I'd be charing at least above US CIB prices. Message if interested. I can gladly supply additional pictures that show additional game inserts, etc.
  9. Thank you for going through everything with such detail and for working with that reddit user (I have may talked with him at Sega-16 before). I set the spreadsheet to auto-populate the box type to Clamshell then went back through them manually, so there were definitely some I missed. I appreciate the second set of eyes. Jack Nicklaus - I have deleted the 3rd release, as I can’t remember what it was Wisdom Tree games - I have added “Styrofoam Block(s)” to each one. The two blocks look right like that, but I’m just surprised I’ve never seen it before. It could be that I just wasn’t thinking in terms of my yet-to-be-created spreadsheet, but hopefully we’ll see them in that arrangement again a couple times. As a cheap company, 1 block seems believable and I could see the second one being a collector solution (but then again, how would they get a second?) Beavis and Butthead - that game with the big box is definitely a clamshell Bill Walsh - This one is interesting. The smaller blue box with the reduced text (ie no “Not sponsored or endorsed by any team or school”) is on every single instruction manual. I can’t find a single box that has the smaller text. However, the bigger blue box looks like a sticker, both in your picture and here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sega-Genesis-Bill-Walsh-College-Football/323649994344?hash=item4b5b0afe68:g:heAAAOSw87lcFdpx Is it possible that they were all printed with a small blue box and then a sticker had to be added to each one to clarify? So my guess would be Small Blue Box = 1st print But from your picture, it appears that the Small Blue Box doesn’t have a UPC barcode anywhere on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bill-Walsh-College-Football-Sega-Genesis-1993-Complete-/273933483976?hash=item3fc7b53fc8%3Ag%3A28wAAOSwKg9dLixI&nma=true&si=ATBpfGbxTuBxzBLicT53Yy2jvRU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 For EA Games, I think I saw no UPC code when they were for an international market. Odd indeed. Thoughts? Captain America - those stickers were awful and came off so easily. Its possible that there was a release with no pin, but I’d want to see a sealed copy without the sticker to add it to the spreadsheet Test Drive II: The Duel - I’ve updated each of the entries. Funny, it looks like I don’t list the poster among the inserts. I need to find a picture of the poster and clean that up Greendog - I have listed the one without the part number on the cart as the second release. For Shining Force, it appears that part number was removed from a second release, so I mirrored the format for Greendog Home Alone - same comment as Greendog I got as far as Joe Montana II for now - @ViKiNg can you check the copy that you opened? You opened one of the Sega Classic copies, but did yours say 1209 or 1209C on the spine?
  10. Wonderful to see all these updates. Over this extended weekend I should get a chance to get all the new info input. And I'll provide a few comments as well
  11. I've always been a Sega guy. For the NES and SNES there are probably 100-150 titles I recognize for each system, and then a handful of names I've seen mentioned as people on NA discussed what was rare, etc. I vaguely remember a period when there were a plethora of NES (and maybe SNES) books coming out, possibly via Kickstarter, others maybe started on NA. They books generally had a goal of listing each game, having the screenshot for each game, then a blurb about the game. I see a handful on Amazon but I figure among those there are some that are more highly recommended than others. Looking at the Pat Contri books, it looks like for each game he's taken a picture of the cart/label art, then also has screenshots below, which is a neat way to let me see both the box art and screenshots. Mostly I'm just not familiar enough with the Nintendo libraries. I could easily look at a text list on Wikipedia and then look the games up one by one, but I thought maybe having a resource with everything in one place would be nice. Recommendations?
  12. Wow, fantastic work! Many carts with NFR stickers came out of Model 2 console boxes. This Sega-16 list may give a little insight for some possible systems missing from your list: http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?32537-List-of-Genesis-Not-for-Resale-cart-releases
  13. Ah yes, seeing your image of the styrofoam reminds me of my copies. I agree that presumably all 4 games had one. For Action 52, all the copies I had were sealed and CIB copies were harder to find. Maybe only 1 copy had that cardboard insert I saw, but I don't remember many good condition CIBs where it could be expected that they'd still have everything from the factory. The Revolution X NFRs do not exist. It's Ranger X that has them - I just mentally mixed up the names at one point. Revenge of Shinobi is "same as US" visually, if you were just looking at the front, but yeah it's a different release. So if it's missing from the spreadsheet, I'll get it added. Traveling now, but I'll update some of the other items once I have access to a computer in about a week.
  14. That Bubsy II with no game title on the spine seems familiar. In my spreadsheet, I have two releases listed, described as color manual and black and white manual. I only know about that variant because I owned both side by side and noticed the difference. Looking on eBay, I can't find a single copy with the black and white manual that I used to have. It is possible that no title on the spine was familiar to me because my copy with the b/w manual also had no title on the spine. Although that isn't yours, do you have any more information on that picture? I do think there will be enough "no title" copies for it to be worth adding to the spreadsheet, but I'd like to rule out that it's not something effecting all b/w manual copies, for example. I'd note the "no title" feature either way, just need to figure out if its part of the 2nd release or if its a separate 3rd release.
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