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  1. I just beat Cyber Shadow, 10 hours and 500 deaths! Game is excellent, a Ninja Gaiden inspired light Metroidvania with some hints of Mega Man. Looking forward to the Physical treatment and undoubtly the Amiibo to drop alongside. I guess they need to sell a few million before they show us the physical goods though..Play the game on gamepass if you can before than it's fantastic!
  2. Man the Switch is the King of Shmups!! They just released Crimson Clover yesterday and Shoot 1up last week Too!!
  3. Just buy it on Amazon, pre orders are open now!
  4. No, picture 4 confirms it. You can see the sides of the flaps.
  5. I got my $15 refund, they just sent it over without any email or notice. At first I thought they just cancelled my order but then seen it was just a partial refund.
  6. eBay #303530029467 This is not my auction but wanted to share as this is a hard to find variant for Phantasy Star II.
  7. Get the real deal! https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/special-offers/
  8. Not my auction but this variant is hard to find so figured I would share. eBay item#233511064111
  9. Supergamboy this Phantasy Star II variant needs to be added to the spreadsheet. I speculate this is the Sega Classic release Advertised. I have run into serval copies in my search for the canadian variant as this is sort of a hybrid. It shares the same Genesis logo as the Canadian variant.
  10. @RoyalT awesome work moving this over! Was looking for the old thread, reached out to supergamboy and he sent me here. Wanted to post this box I just found for my collection.
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