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  1. I had the first issue of the guide about 90% complete before the whole virus thing descended upon us. Had to modify my work schedule which left even less time for side projects. Once I'm back to my original schedule (whenever that happens) I plan to finish it up and start on issue #2.
  2. Welcome to the 'Sage! Yup, kids can have a habit of wiping out collections, one way or the other :P.
  3. Welcome to VGS! Man, I hope yard sales are still a thing this summer.
  4. Welcome to VGS, where the good times roll!
  5. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay.
  6. Also watched during highschool. Loved the "Ultima" style explosion. Wanted more. Didn't quite get that, but can't complain much about what I did get. Kept me hooked on anime through college, then dropped it hard and never looked back (though Iria Zeiram the Animation is still the bomb ).
  7. Welcome to VGS! And yes, pics o' the mancave/promo stuff!
  8. No problem! I think these were originally a Martha Stewart thing, but they have flaps along the top and middle so the booklets won't fall out if tipped over. Kinda hard to see in the pic. They fit perfectly, and I love them dearly, but some of the more recent homebrew booklets are a bit too large, so results may vary.
  9. Welcome to VGS Travis. I see your Sale thread there... Just got back into the SNES myself... already spent waaaaaaaaaay too much money for the month but....
  10. One of my earliest favorites, eggplants and all. Picked it up (again) earlier this year and found it easier than I remembered.
  11. So for my NES booklets I use those recipe binder pages that hold four booklets to a page, but how does the savy collector in-the-know store their SNES booklets? Cardboard box? Loose pile? Individual baggies? I've gotten back into SNES collecting for the first time in 30+ years and would like to know how you do it.
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