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  1. For those with speedrun orders i just got this: Hello,Thank you for contacting Wata Games Customer Service. Your SpeedRun order was entered on June 9th, 2021. For this service level, we are currently averaging 75 business days. Rest assured your submission is safe and still processing, and status updates will be reflected on your online account under open orders. There are many variables in the post-grading process and it isn't possible for us to estimate when your order will be encapsulated and shipped back to you. Your games are being checked, labeled, encapsulated, and prepped for shipping. Because of order volume, once a game gets graded it often takes 3-4 weeks before it is ready to ship. The grades will be posted when the order ships, and you'll receive a FedEx tracking number as well. We apologize for the delays and thank you for your continued patience. Please know that we're doing everything we can to get your games back to you as soon as we can.Please let us know if you have any additional questions.Take care,The Wata Team
  2. My Speedrun order was placed in june 3rd and still in postgrading... With the VGA new website and CGC grading games i don´t see the point to send my games to Wata again
  3. I am probably gonna sell this . No graded copies had been sold since 2015 . How much should i ask?
  4. After 8 days i finally got an answer Hello, Thank you for contacting Wata customer service. Our apologies for the delayed response. Yes, we have received the missing parts for the DVD encapsulation and are currently working on catching up on that backlog. Rest assured your game is safe and we are trying our best to get each order shipped out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We appreciate your continued patience during this time. Thank you.
  5. They don't even bother to reply my mails...
  6. CGC are also behind but their customer support reply my messages and they have a public census . They are more profesional
  7. I am not even getting those atomated messages. Can't wait to send my games to CGC
  8. I already contacted them 3 days ago, no answer yet and i am not surprised
  9. If they already have the DVD cases probably next week.I guess they will start with warpzone orders ,then speedrun etc
  10. what i understand from this: "We are expecting that these issues will be resolved the week ending August 27th. " they have probably received the cases "As soon as we receive the cases, we will finalize the games and ship them back to our customers. " In case they received the cases they are working now but there are many customers so we wont see changes until next week
  11. I am in the same boat , and my order hasn´t moved from postgrading this week
  12. I don`t know him as you , but i think his Wata idea is brilliant and i admire him for that but he is clearly manipulating the market by not disclosing the census
  13. Yes when i posted the video in a single thread someone replied "fake news" but i guess it was Deniz himself or someone else from Wata.Thread was deleted because the video was already posted here
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