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  1. To much risk ... Wata will be very happy with this.
  2. I also think something is fishy ... but i cant fight because its ebay they side with the buyers .
  3. Yes i asked for pics and of couse i suspect he is a scammer. I sent many sealed stuff to US via DHL and never got an issue. Problem is that Ebay supports scammers
  4. I sent two days ago a sealed Zelda Wind Waker Players Choice to the US using DHL and today i got a message from the seller telling me that it arrived without seal. This is the first time something like this happens to me . I feel really dissapointed , i just ended all the sealed game listings i had at Ebay. I will have to use Wata now and i am not even sure if its a good idea to send them my games because they can be opened at customs. I am even thinking to travel directly to Denver with some games.
  5. Some "sealed" Castlevania Bloodlines have the same seal that the Sonic 2 but they are 3rd party seal.
  6. This is the kind of seal i have in my genesis games. Extremly easy to get damaged with time
  7. Sega Genesis seals are not perfect they are kind of socks . It should be open on top so i am not sure its legit
  8. Can you write here the ebay handle of the scammer so we can all block him?
  9. You don´t find many of these sealed these days
  10. Hi guys what would be the actual pricing of a Silent Hill black label sealed copy specifically VGA 9.0 ?
  11. Here's more This one deserves his own pic
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