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  1. I was checking the Spring Auction preview and it looks very promising . They listed great games this time ; Chrono trigger , Legend of Zelda Link to the Past, Earthbound , Karnov Cib highgrade etc, etc Certified Link Spring Auction
  2. I am following two lots at HA right now. Both are going to end in 5 days. Legend of Zelda - Rev A- Wata 9.2 A actual bid around 25K Legend of Zelda - Rev A - CGC 9.4 A+ actual bid around 117K I am wondering if this huge difference is because of the condition or also because of the fact that the 9.4 is graded by CGC . In comic books for example the price difference between a 9.2 and a 9.4 is minimum What do you think?
  3. Ok they just replied me. The next auction event is in January...
  4. Its just an annual fee ... You can can pay a $25 annual fee and you can send many games you like. Even with the annual fee its cheaper than Wata
  5. Does someone knows if Certified link is still working? I sent a mail a few days a go to my contact (Josh) and no answer its odd because he always answers the same day . I also see they mention at their website a "fall auction" but i don´t see any movement
  6. Yes that was what i was thinking yesterday i should had used Ebay . C.L is probably good for high priced games
  7. I lost money on Kingdom Hearts 2 (sold for $240) and Xenoxaga 3 ( sold for $300) . Next time i will not send ps2 games
  8. You bought Kingdom hearts 2 9.2 by any chance?
  9. This was the 4th time i consign at CL and this is the first time things go south , i lost money in a couple of games . Is this the video game market in general? or Certified Link is losing buyers?
  10. And i got this from Ebay it wasn't planned but i fell in love with the art of the cover. I also love the design of the case.
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