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Found 7 results

  1. I found this list a while back. It was originally on the Sega website. It looks like it is not there any longer. I had also found it on CyberiaPC but I can no longer access that either. I wanted to put it here in case anybody needed or wanted it. The list contains 248 Sega Dreamcast games, and unless I am mistaken is a list released by Sega themselves. DC checklist.pdf
  2. Below is a list of various lists on the website. If you want your list added to this list, simply ask. The only rule is you must believe that your list is comprehensive. NES List of NES Games (North America) by @ThePhleo (Not your standard 768 This one has 837 different titles) Original 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Ultimate 100% CIB NES Collectors Guide by @austin532 Sealed NES Game Contents by @Dr. Morbis NES Star Code Boxes, Circle T Manuals, and Star Code Manuals by @DoctorEncore USA NES Rarity & Price Guide by @ThePhleo (Thread Here) USA NES List of Stickers, Hangtabs, and Screw Variants by @ThePhleo (Thread Here) List of Confirmed 1990 Nintendo World Championships Cartridges by @ThePhleo Famicom + Famicom Disk System The Ultimate Famicom Software Guide by @fcgamer (In .PDF format only - Not hosted here on Video Game Sage) Super NES Super Nintendo Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar List of Super Nintendo Banners by @Bubbapauls Super Nintendo Promotional Buttons, Pins, and Patches Catalog by @Bubbapauls Super Nintendo Console Box Variants by @Bubbapauls SNES Master CIB List by Shortstop444 (Not a member here on VGS) Super Nintendo Kiosk Variants by @Bubbapauls Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Full List of NTSC-J/Japanese N64 & 64DD Titles by @EdgeOfPortal Gamecube Gamecube Label Variants - A Visual Guide by @NintendoTwizer Gamecube Player's Choice Master List by @NintendoTwizer (Thread Here) Gamecube Japan: A List of Games Not Released in the West by @drxandy Wii Wii Set Master List by @NintendoTwizer Wii U Official Wii U Demo Kiosk Thread by @dewisp02 Nintendo Wii U List by @Lago Nintendo Switch The Switch Thread - An ongoing list of every Nintendo Switch release in the US by @Reed Rothchild A Complete Physical Switch SHMUP List by @MasonSushi Game & Watch Nintendo Game & Watch Collectors Guide by @Bubbapauls Game Boy The Complete List of Game Boy Games by @RH Game Boy Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Complete List of NA(US) Game Boy Cartridge Variants by @RH (ASIA Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (FAH Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (CAN Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (AUS Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (CHN Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (USA Region) DMG Game Boy Manual Variants by @JVOSS (XXX Region) World List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS Sega Genesis Namco: A Genesis Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Acclaim / Arena / Flying Edge: A Genesis Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Konami: A Genesis Collecting Guide by original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Canadian Sega Genesis: A Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Sega Genesis Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Sega Genesis CIB Contents Spreadsheet by @supergamboy (Thread Here) Sega CD U.S. NTSC Sega CD Collector's Guide v3.0 by @final fight cd (here's v2.0 posted by @DefaultGen) Sega 32X U.S. NTSC Sega 32X Collectors Guide by @billybob884 Sega Game Gear US Game Gear Variant Label Guide by @MovieTom Sega Pico Sega Pico Complete USA Library by @PuppyWaffles Atari 7800 Atari 7800 Full US List with Variants by @captmorgandrinker Xbox US Xbox Collecting Lists and Information by @DefaultGen PlayStation 2 NTSC PS2 Game List & Info by @ALLKAPS Phillips CD-i Complete Phillips CD-i US Longbox Release Set & Rarity Guide by @Chaos Control Nintendo in General Official Detailed Nintendo Power Issue List by @acidjaguar VGS Rare Variant / Error Thread: Nintendo Edition by @Hybrid Nintendo Power Trading Cards 1992 - 1995 by @Bubbapauls Sega In General NA Sega Genesis / CD / 32X / CDX / X'EYE / Nomad Console Box Collectors Guide by @billybob884 VGS Rare Variant / Error Thread: Sega Edition by @Hybrid Specific Specialty Lists List of All North American Zelda Game Variants by @0xDEAFC0DE Dragon Quest Monsters Joke 3: Synthesis / Breeding Guide by @Makar Video Game Stamps by @DefaultGen
  3. I ran this thread on NintendoAge, so I'm restarting it here. The idea is if you find an unknown variant for a Game Boy cartridge, please post it here. I manage a publicly viewable, Google Sheets Document (linked below) with all of these details. To be clear, these are "variations" from the standard versions of these cartridges for North American (US) games. This list does not included every version, meaning, the initial variant. This is, essentially, all updated variants or errors caused by human-mistakes that have enough circulation to warrant being considered a "variant". Also, this currently doesn't track ROM variations. I've considered adding that, but that could create a complex matrix. Tracking ROM images, however, is something that's already been done on other sites and, quite frankly, places like TCRF.org do a better job of documenting those changes as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rT8hWIVx4WrtoNVgvazcR87clo6Oc1plIcUTsBsGkBM/edit?usp=sharing Please Note, this is not the original spreadsheet linked in NintendoAge. It's the same data as of the last spreadsheet, but if you were following the former topic, please update any browser bookmarks. EDIT #1 Changed the second post to include the data. For better formatting with VGS, I stripped the comment column, which is still available on the spreadsheet above.
  4. As to-date i have only ever seen a OG Gameboy game manual with XXX as country code. that code is. DMG-AV-XXX T2 The Arcade Game.
  5. This weeks list is for the Gameboy ASI set. not much is know from my end for listing but thought i would share what i have. Its not a large list but it is 100% Confirmed. DMG AW ASI Alleyway DMG TS ASI Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly DMG TH ASI Days Of Thunder DMG RE ASI R-Type DMG ML ASI Super Mario Land DMG TR ASI Tetris DMG TK ASI Mercenary Force DMG NG ASI Ninja Gaiden Shadow DMG TZ ASI T2: Terminator Judgment Day DMG DD ASI Double Dragon DMG F1 ASI F-1 Race DMG G2 ASI Gauntlet II DMG GO ASI Golf DMG RW ASI Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge DMG NC ASI Nintendo World Cup Soccer DMG Y2 ASI Paperboy 2 DMG PQ ASI Power Racer DMG CN ASI Probotector DMG QX ASI Qix DMG RP ASI Rescue Of Princess Blobette, The DMG CP ASI RoboCop DMG SW ASI Side Pocket DMG SS ASI Solar Striker DMG MQ ASI Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG RC ASI Super R.C. Pro-Am Racing DMG TT ASI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers DMG TN ASI Tennis
  6. This weeks list is the CHINA CHN list. they differ from the Hong Kong version. thanks @fcgamer for this image. DMG 101 CHN Super Mario Land DMG 104 CHN Tetris DMG 203 CHN Mega Man II DMG 216 CHN Takahashi Masato Adventure Island 3 DMG 601 CHN 4-In-1: Nintendo DMG 605 CHN 4-In-1: Hudson DMG 102 CHN Dr. Mario DMG 103 CHN F1 Race DMG 105 CHN Yakuman DMG 106 CHN Tennis DMG 107 CHN Ganso!! Yancha Maru DMG 108 CHN Ninja Spirit DMG 109 CHN Match-Mania DMG 110 CHN R-Type II DMG 111 CHN Milon's Secret Castle DMG 112 CHN Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise DMG 113 CHN Bomber Boy DMG 114 CHN Daruman Busters DMG 115 CHN Blaster Master Jr. DMG 116 CHN Sagaia DMG 117 CHN Elevator Action DMG 118 CHN Bubble Bobble DMG 119 CHN Chase H.Q. DMG 120 CHN Solar Striker DMG 121 CHN Genki Bakuhatsu Gambaruger DMG 122 CHN Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh DMG 123 CHN Zoids Densetsu DMG 124 CHN Miracle Adventure Esparks DMG 125 CHN Solomon's Club DMG 126 CHN NINJA GAIDEN SHADOW DMG 127 CHN Parasol Henbee DMG 128 CHN Lock'n'chase DMG 129 CHN Burgertime Deluxe DMG 130 CHN Super Chinese Land DMG 131 CHN Flying Dragon Cuff DMG 132 CHN Yoshi DMG 133 CHN Bubble Bobble Junior DMG 134 CHN Side Pocket DMG 201 CHN Gargoyle's Quest (The Demon Darkness) DMG 202 CHN Bionic Commando DMG 204 CHN Gb Genjin(Bonk's Adventure) DMG 205 CHN Kirby's Dream Land DMG 206 CHN Metroid II DMG 207 CHN Carpenter Genzo: Robot Empire DMG 208 CHN Carpenter Genzo: Ghost Kingdom DMG 209 CHN The Three Kingdoms DMG 210 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho DMG 211 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-2-dan - Ankoku Bujutsukai DMG 212 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-3-Dan - Makai No Tobirahen DMG 213 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-4-Dan - Makai Touitsu DMG 214 CHN Super Chinese Land 3 DMG 215 CHN GB Genjin Land DMG 217 CHN Bomber Man Gb 2 DMG 218 CHN GB Genjin 2 DMG 401 CHN Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG 402 CHN Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land DMG 403 CHN Donkey Kong DMG 404 CHN World Heroes 2 Jet DMG 405 CHN Nettou Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai DMG 406 CHN Nettou Samurai Spirits DMG 407 CHN The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DMG 408 CHN Sd Flying Dragon Cuff DMG 602 CHN 4-In-1: Taito DMG 603 CHN 4-In-1: Tomy DMG 604 CHN 4-In-1: Irem
  7. DMG-AE-AUS Aerostar DMG-A6-AUS Agro Soar DMG-AGCP-AUS Arcade Classics #3: Galaga / Galaxian DMG-BU-AUS Burai Fighter Deluxe DMG-CJ-AUS Castelian DMG-HQ-AUS Chase HQ DMG-YT-AUS Donkey Kong Land DMG-VU-AUS Dr. Mario DMG-AGGA-AUS Game Boy Gallery 5 in 1 DMG-RA-AUS Gargoyle's Quest DMG-YO-AUS Mario & Yoshi DMG-RW-AUS Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge DMG-ML-AUS Super Mario Land DMG-MQ-AUS Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG-AV-AUS T2: The Arcade Game DMG-TR-AUS Tetris DMG-AW2P-AUS Wario Land II DMG-F1-AUS F-1 Race DMG-JB-AUS Jordan vs Bird: One on One DMG-KA-AUS Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters DMG-AKLP-AUS Killer Instinct DMG-WJ-AUS Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land DMG-NM-AUS Nemesis DMG-SN-AUS Snoopy's Magic Show DMG-ACGP-AUS Pinocchio DMG-AF-AUS Addams Family, The DMG-T3-AUS Adventure Island DMG-L3-AUS Alien 3 DMG-AW-AUS Alleyway DMG-AMCP-AUS Arcade Classics #1: Asteroids / Missile Command DMG-BS-AUS Baseball DMG-BV-AUS Battletoads DMG-R7-AUS Battletoads in Ragnarok's World DMG-UB-AUS Blades of Steel DMG-B2-AUS Bubble Bobble DMG-CV-AUS Castlevania Adventure, The DMG-EM-AUS Chessmaster, The DMG-QD-AUS Donkey Kong DMG-ADDP-AUS Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest DMG-AD3P-AUS Donkey Kong Land 3 DMG-DD-AUS Double Dragon DMG-DL-AUS Dragon's Lair: The Legend DMG-DT-AUS-1 DuckTales DMG-D7-AUS DuckTales 2 DMG-HB-AUS Dynablaster DMG-EG-AUS F-15 Strike Eagle DMG-XP-AUS Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge DMG-FE-AUS Flintstones, The: King Rock Treasure Island DMG-AGAU-AUS Game Boy Gallery 2 DMG-GO-AUS Golf DMG-HS-AUS Hook DMG-IGFC-AUS Inside Gadgets Flash Cart V1.0 DMG-JN-AUS Jack Nicklaus Golf DMG-AW7P-AUS James Bond 007 DMG-PW-AUS King of the Zoo DMG-KY-AUS Kirby's Dream Land DMG-AKBP-AUS Kirby's Dream Land 2 DMG-K9-AUS Kirby's Pinball Land DMG-AP-AUS Kwirk DMG-AFHU-AUS Legend of the River King DMG-ALNP-AUS-1 Lion King, The DMG-TK-AUS Mercenary Force DMG-MC-AUS Mickey Mouse dangerous chase DMG-H3-AUS Micro Machines DMG-H3-AUS Micro Machines - Ocean Budget White Label DMG-AMOP-AUS Mole Mania DMG-H2-AUS NBA All-Star Challenge 2 DMG-Q6-AUS NFL Quarterback Club DMG-WC-AUS Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing DMG-PC-AUS Pac Man DMG-AKOP-AUS Pocket Bomber Man DMG-APEU-AUS Pokémon Blue Version DMG-APAU-AUS Pokémon Red Version DMG-APSU-AUS Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition DMG-PQ-AUS Power Racer DMG-QT-AUS Q*Bert DMG-QX-AUS Qix DMG-RM-AUS Radar Mission DMG-PB-AUS Revenge of the 'Gator DMG-H5-AUS Road Rash DMG-RE-AUS R-Type DMG-NK-AUS Sneaky Snakes DMG-SS-AUS Solar Striker DMG-SP-AUS Space Invaders DMG-LM-AUS Spankys Quest DMG-WS-AUS Star Wars DMG-RC-AUS Super R.C. Pro-Am DMG-NT-AUS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of The Foot Clan DMG-TN-AUS Tennis DMG-TR-AUS-1 Tetris DMG-AYLP-AUS Tetris Attack DMG-AQHP-AUS Toy Story DMG-TP-AUS Trax DMG-TQ-AUS Turrican DMG-AVSP-AUS Vegas Stakes DMG-EE-AUS Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! DMG-WA-AUS Wave Race DMG-WW-AUS Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear DMG-CI-AUS Yoshis Cookie DMG-A8-AUS Addams Family, The: Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt DMG-SM-AUS Amazing Spider-Man, The DMG-AMCP-AUS-1 Arcade Classics #1: Asteroids / Missile Command DMG-ACPP-AUS Arcade Classics #2: Centipede / Millipede DMG-ADJP-AUS Arcade Classics #4: Defender / Joust DMG-BT-AUS Balloon Kid DMG-GU-AUS Barbie Game Girl DMG-TS-AUS Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly DMG-BA-AUS Batman: The Video Game DMG-LB-AUS Bill & Teds Excellent Game Boy Adventure DMG-BG-AUS Bubble Ghost DMG-BB-AUS Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The DMG-DC-AUS Darkwing Duck DMG-ADSP-AUS Desert Strike DMG-FU-AUS Dexterity DMG-D2-AUS Double Dragon 2 DMG-FN-AUS Dr. Franken DMG-DT-AUS DuckTales DMG-EA-AUS Elevator Action DMG-AGAP-AUS Game & Watch Gallery DMG-AGIJ-AUS Game Boy Gallery 2 DMG-AGGA-AUS-1 Game Boy Gallery 5 in 1 DMG-GZ-AUS Godzilla DMG-HM-AUS Home Alone DMG-C8-AUS Incredible Crash Dummies, The DMG-J7-AUS Jungle Book, The DMG-JQ-AUS Jurassic Park DMG-AKXP-AUS Kirbys Block Ball DMG-KY-AUS-1 Kirby's Dream Land DMG-AKCP-AUS Kirbys Star Stacker DMG-FK-AUS Krustys Fun House DMG-ZL-AUS Legend of Zelda, The: Links Awakening DMG-ALNP-AUS Lion King, The DMG-LD-AUS-1 Little Mermaid DMG-LC-AUS Lock n' Chase DMG-APCP-AUS Mario's Picross DMG-W2-AUS Mega Man II DMG-ME-AUS Metroid II: Return of Samus DMG-N4-AUS Miss Pacman DMG-C9-AUS Mortal Kombat DMG-NV-AUS Navy Seals DMG-AC-AUS NBA All-Star Challenge DMG-OT-AUS Othello DMG-OP-AUS Pop Up DMG-RP-AUS Rescue of Princess Blobette, The DMG-CP-AUS Robocop DMG-SW-AUS Side Pocket DMG-JU-AUS Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts, The DMG-SK-AUS Skate Or Die: Bad 'N Rad DMG-SC-AUS Solomon's Club DMG-SI-AUS Sword of Hope 2, The DMG-TZ-AUS T2: Terminator Judgment Day DMG-TT-AUS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers DMG-EH-AUS Tetris 2 DMG-ASBP-AUS Tetris Blast DMG-ATRP-AUS Tetris Plus DMG-T4-AUS Trip World DMG-T6-AUS Tumble Pop DMG-AVLP-AUS V Rally DMG-WA-AUS-1 Wave Race DMG-AW3P-AUS Worms DMG-LW-AUS WWF Superstars test.html
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