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  1. @Code Monkey this the one your looking for??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/124430558164?hash=item1cf8a3a3d4:g:f4QAAOSw31JfqACh
  2. JVOSS

    WTB GB Games

    just 3 left now who has these!!!
  3. 3 times? oh my i was just looking to beat the game. is all 3 required to beat the game overall or an option? the FAQ did not make that part clear.
  4. @CMR right!!! i had to ask the same question. but you can send me the prince packs
  5. that was the hardest thing on this one as i had no clue as to what was dark and what wasn't. had a few moments where i wanted to.
  6. @RH, @Splain, @RpgCollector are the master minds for GB and @fcgamer, @OptOut are the master minds behind the Asian gb
  7. Thought so i restarted and finished that way. it was crazy as i did not get the same game-play it was all random.
  8. TO all: The Game Boy Cartridge Collection Catalog is live on kick starter!!!!! the authors will be doing a English version also. (So Looking forward to this). Go Support this!!! they plan on providing more info here soon so look for it. side note. they made goal in less then 2 days and that was with French only just think what will happen when the English version goes. they have 3 levels. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality of photos and the unknowns that are out there.
  9. you have a mach set. both pcb and chip dates match. the other way to validate 100% is if the inside the case both top and bottom there is a # you'll have F-xx or Fxx-x (the x is a digit). on the back you will have a B-xx or Bxx-x
  10. glad you fill that way but the inside is where it counts i can put a -1 in a -2 and @bowser would say it real. don't judge the book by the cover alone...
  11. Thanks for shearing. is possible to see the SML1-2 pcb front and back?
  12. too dark and the code is covered up but looks like a dmg-decan-20 a #4 with a date code of 9948 or 1999 nov. what dose the back look like?
  13. this will depend on what is inside. as to a "real cart" the label is genuine but what is inside.
  14. i did it again. pasted the same list... let me try this one more time. and see it the correct list shows up. as for your questions.. original list was build without filtering out the Manuals, all listed here except Little mermaid are manuals. Little Mermaid: it has a v1 only?? agree... DMG-A8-AUS i have no pictures sorry..
  15. @dmgdatabase, thank you for the data. will update. where can i verify data. do you have the full set and have verified the pcb and ic??
  16. @dmgdatabase there are 2 descent CHN list. you have the FCO and the hong kong. as for count you have 65 Hong Kong, 2 Hong Kong errors and 24 FCO. of the 24 FCO i have 18 listed can you provide last 6 missing FCO?
  17. @dmgdatabase, help always welcomed. it next to impossible for this one-man show to know all.. :) and i did expect some holes and errors just not enough hours in the day to go through all the listing on all the used game sites. i keep finding a new site every week with new proofs of games i did not know about. the EUR area was the black hole i had to rely on translators to give me what i was looking for....
  18. @dmgdatabase looking to get this when do you think it will be on kick starter??
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