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  1. Selling this time two large flat rate boxes: The first one contains more soundtracks for major popular games (including the last remainder of my Club Nintendo soundtracks), some games and some other random gaming items. The second box contains sealed games with their soundtracks and some extras as well. Box 1's starting bid is $60 and BIN price is $90 Box 2's starting bid is $150 and BIN price is $200 All pricing includes shipping to NA (Except Canada).
  2. Hello, time for another round of Mystery Boxes! This time it's a large flat rate box filled with some games, soundtracks and a Nintendo console as well. Starting bid is $115 and BIN price is $150 (both include shipping to NA except Canada). Any questions please let me know.
  3. I'm unsure how it would work for bigger quantities but I kept it simple and just grabbed 3 games. Out of those 3 games they gave me the cheapest for free during the duration of the promo. I would assume that maybe if it was more than 3 games they would give you the cheaper titles for free but I'm unsure on that particular situation.
  4. I can confirm that GS stores here before closing down entirely gave you the cheapest game out of the 3 for free as part of the B2G1 promos.
  5. Selling off a small mystery box of misc. games and soundtracks. You'll find some good Club Nintendo soundtracks in there. Stating bid is $50 and BIN is $70. Prices as usual include shipping to NA except Canada, happy bidding.
  6. Stolen, the disc was nowhere to be seen in the box. They just left the ad leaflets and the case in the shipping box.
  7. A couple of months I did a favor for a few of my friends on ordering some things from Japan and the order value was pretty big. Customs retained the package for a couple of days and then released it. Once the package arrived everything inside looked normal except that someone took a Wii U game from it's box and the shipping box utilized was pretty beat up too.
  8. No mention of Mickey Speedway USA anywhere, for shame.
  9. Buffed disc but those marks are nasty tho but if you guys say it could be a factory error than that could also make sense. I've seen some weird patterns because of buffed discs.
  10. I would like to recommend Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart which is on PC and totally free for everyone much like Power Bomberman. I would be willing to create a private server for VGS members if I manage to meddle with the server side of things.
  11. At least you got it now, Gotcha Force is an absolute amazing game.
  12. I nominate my self because reasons.
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