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  1. Agreed, comparing any Paper Mario game to Mario RPG will only result in a total letdown. Mario RPG was my first foray into this series and I've had to temper my expectations ever since. That being said, there are still a lot of other great games in this series.
  2. A very positive transaction! Bought some NES/N64 games and an SNES accessory. Everything was packed well and came in great condition. Top notch communication. Looking forward to more business in the future. Thanks again!
  3. ebay profile: https://www.ebay.ca/fdbk/feedback_profile/sydpinkfloyd Thanks everyone in advance!
  4. I open every game both to clean it and to make sure it’s legit. This is regardless if I’m keeping it for my collection or reselling it, as I’d hate to pass on a repro to someone else without them knowing it.
  5. I have a 5 screw version but haven’t played it enough to get to Death. I’m glad you brought this up so I won’t be as upset if this game does glitch up on me! When I play through this I’ll try to remember to report back my results.
  6. A little late to the Breath of The Wild craze but that’s what we’re going through now. A great game thus far! The shrines are a lot of fun and break up the exploring/action with some nice puzzle elements.
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