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  1. Just as the title says I'm looking to buy low budget to medium priced games. Sorta started collecting again so I don't have much which is super cool being able to need so much. Pp goods and services of course, message me id love to expand
  2. Fryer64


    That was me =D I was swimming in then for a while. I made a profit but I hooked up alot of my Na pals at the same time. After I bought a stupid amount I dropped the auction into I think a regular forum post. Ghat was a cool few days. I kinda wonder if I still have a pic of all the carts lol. Sorry if this interrupts you post, awesome find my friend.
  3. Fryer64


    Randomly not the first time a bunch of really nice not for resales for the 64 pop up. Pretty cool!
  4. Just as the title says I'm looking for some boxes! I'd like to diversify what I collect and I figure a good place to start is the games that generally fall between 10-100 dollars. I have like 12 games total cib so if you have any youd be willing to part with I probably need them. Side note: I do have some disc only gamecube i could trade? Notables being pokemon colosseum and marion parry 4 but I'd prefer to outright buy. Unless offered a really nice box for em. I also need orange, grape, watermelon, smoke grey in the boxes. I would take a us gold 64 with or with a box.
  5. I have managed to sell most of my stuff but still got 5-7k worth. Going to purge Pokemon and reinvest in the rarer games and systems I don't have. Seriously don't want to be in that community anymore
  6. For real though, I am willing to sell and maybe trade what I got. Complete sets all kinds wacky stuff
  7. Hello! I have oodles of pokemon cards I'd like to sell or possibly trade for game related stuff. Ideally anyone who I would trade to would have some references, and I can provide you with some names who migrated to here like myself after NA dropped out. 69 total ultra or secrets Its all newer stuff, v's vmax, secrets ultra rares. Cznmmam For sale or offer or trade. Here is a old Ebay link of my stuff. More pics can be had If need be
  8. Ahh I sorta just gave up. Still got plenty of stuff but I'm going to focus on my retro and coins for now on
  9. Just as it says! Looking for those three working with original expansion lid. Matching controller helps! May also be down for other funtastics, orange, purple, etc. Message me with what you have and how much you'd like!
  10. They were sort of fun to play if you had some locals around your age. There is an online game but that doesn't do it for me. And in person stuff is super difficult right now.
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