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  1. I use them on everything including $5 Wii games. Just a personal preference at this point. Only draw back for me is the protectors do eat away at shelf space.
  2. My first system was unfortunately the Atari 5200! with Star Raiders in 1986. I was WTF mom why not Nintendo??? That was my only game for years and I hated the system. When we move to Florida 1988….. she said she would surprise me with something big (surely an NES)….. nope a Sega Master System. Smh gaming was doomed for me until I met the neighborhood kids that had an NES. I was one of this kids that had a Turbografx-16 and no Nintendo or Sega system. If it wasn’t on sale and cheap it wasn’t happening.
  3. Genesis has been stagnant but rolling on Sega CD and Saturn …. Under 15 is goal for the weekend
  4. Not accurate. His basis would either be the box / # cards in the box OR if he could prove the rest of the cards had no value or disposed of them / gave them away it would be the cost of the entire box. In all cases he has adequate deductions.
  5. There are at least 5-6 online stores you can buy LRG games after they release although your going to pay $10-20 more than they sold it for. here’s 2 for fun…. One is US and one in Canada https://www.heroicgoodsandgames.com https://acgamesonline.com
  6. Yeah.... we've disagreed on this before. I don't see how you can count an unreleased game that was sold as a pre-order and where is the cutoff? Why are you only counting LRG, SPR, iam8bit........or limited retailers. Why not best buy, target or even Kickstarters for that matter because some are backed by the same limited companies. You can't include some and not all. If I were to add your logic and simply add LRG, SPR, Iam8Bit, VGS, NIS, Premium and Dispatch for good measure that would be 52 more and would be far more than you are showing. 986 would be the count. Thus why only counting what's in hand is probably the best way BUT as in anything collecting we can make our own decisions.
  7. 907 regular releases 27 re-release (Think power rangers, overcooked, streets of rage 4, etc) for a total of 934 (This doesn't include any unreleased pre-order from LRG or any other retailer)
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