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  1. In that scenario (which cutting grass was my first job in Miami lol) I always said after they agreed to let me cut their lawn, “thank you for giving me the opportunity, I’m going to do a great job” and I’ll tell you early on I probably goofed cutting the grass too low and I always got a another chance.
  2. I’ve been selling on eBay since ‘99 and it’s been a simple process for me. The buyer purchases the item and pays me. I leave positive feedback at the time I sit at my computer. I print the shipping label at the same time (packing slip back in the day). I’m happy I sold what I didn’t want and write the same generic thank you with feedback. It became apart of my every transaction workflow. I drop the item at the post office and call it a day. I don’t have the time to look at my feedback or setup the automation process to leave it when someone leaves it for me. I don’t f
  3. I knocked it out today in about 1 hour. Took a break after driving myself nuts yesterday. Great game but I’m never playing it again lol. Off to something I can save and come back to.
  4. Now I remember why I hate some NES games. No $&@“ save password and you have to sit here for freakin hours on end because you don’t want to start from the beginning. I don’t want to use any cheats, codes or Google. P.S. Castlevania 1 was a drag 30 years ago and it still is ..... IMO. Can’t wait till this s@&t is over with. I don’t want to play this crap tomorrow
  5. Wrapped up A Way Out on the XBox One. I haven’t played a couch co-op in some years and recruited the significant other to play. Needless to say gaming isn’t her thing and my 5 year old son took over after about an hour. While I think it’s an excellent game and a must play.... I was so proud of my kid holding his own and figuring out some puzzles before I did put a smile on the old mans face. No spoilers but woof real deep at the end
  6. There is about 90+ NA PSVR games (I don’t track only be vs compatible) but your best option is GameStop when they have their buy 2 get 1 free. Also, watch Best Buy and Amazon as VR games tend to drop in price a couple months after then disappear. They are not hard to find right now but I assume this will become a Niche collectible.
  7. Went against the list and decided to play The Last of Us: Part II since I just finished the first one. I wanted to keep everything fresh for a story and gameplay perspective but what a taxing game... is soooooo long. There are some points in the game that move far too slow for my taste. I got to a point in the middle of the game I just wanted to play to get it over with but it started picking up again. The overall story was great (a slight step below the 1st one) and is definitely a must play. I had my share of AAA games for awhile and headed back to retro.
  8. It’s less than 50% when take the entire 150+ games into consideration. Plenty of shumps, beat em ups, puzzle and sports games.
  9. Your set is already 300k with those minty sharp edges on the boxes.... you’re not fooling me!
  10. Just wrapped up the 6th game of the years....The Last is Us..... woof what a game. I never played a modern game let alone one this story driven. In the beginning the talking was getting to me but once I got into it what a ride. I started looking at it as a interactive movie and wanted to see what came next. Have to say one of the best games I ever played. Now I have to decide if I want to stick to my guns and go back my list or jump into the DLC included in the Remastered version or go one to The Last of Us II. Decisions. Thanks to @Reed Rothchildfor starting this thread of I wou
  11. When they start publishing the Konami stuff like the castlevania collection that may rival SP but nothing else for now
  12. I think that's direct sales. AFAIK the Best Buy sales comes after when they decide what they want to order along with Mom & Pop shops. They have 3 levels Sku's for each platform plus UBISoft pushed it on their Twitter. Also, the Xbox version is coming soon and XBox minimum physical order is 50,000 so they all expected this to sell.
  13. Josh himself “ Only three hours into a six week sale and Scott Pilgrim is already our highest grossing release ever! Thank you to everyone who has bought it so far! For everyone else, you've still got six weeks to order so there's no rush.” he posted it on Twitter
  14. Yeah it confirmed. Here’s their reply to me "Yes this is european version, but as switch is fully region free, it won't change much expect the pegi rating on the art cover."
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